kylie and kendall

According to TMZ, the younger affiliates of the Kardashian clan Kylie and Kendall Jenner have filed applications last month  to have their names trade marked so that no other celebrities can use them.  By doing this, they intend to assert their roles as reality TV star celebrities and create personas for themselves.

Although someone might theoretically use the name “Kylie” with a different font, but their  attorneys can  then bolt in and argue that it creates confusion among consumers.  So that leaves top celebrity icons like Kylie Minogue, nameless?


And as expected the reactions of the public has been of awe and disbelief. Their names aren’t unique and patenting such denies others the rights to use the names they were born with. Does wealth give people such delusions of grandeur that they believe they can actually pull off anything?

Is this even feasible?



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