Before you get it all twisted, let me set this straight. I am not reporting that I know why Drake and Diddy got into a fight. I am not also confirming the rumours that it may have been about Diddy’s girlfriend whom reports claim Drake was flirting dangerously with at DJ Khaled’s birthday party in Miami at about 4am. What we do gather as at the time of writing this is that there was a fight and Drake may have been admitted into a hospital with a dislocated shoulder. TMZ also reports that the fight was about money not women.


I know many are tempted to believe the initial report because Drake had a famous fight over Rihanna with Chris Brown once and it may seem that this may be the case but until  we receive more information, we can only assume.


I am one who believes that violence in any form or the other is not the best way to resolve a conflict but I recently sat in a church service where an elder in the church responded to the Pastor’s question about how they would respond if their wives were to be manhadled or mistreated by another man in their presence. The elder who is in his sixties simply responded, ‘I will give the man a very good head-butt!’

The response may be most mens response to that question because their mighty egos are always in the way of reasoning if left untamed. However, if given an opportunity to take a deep breath and leave the situation for about two minutes, would you respond differently? My wife also asked me what I would do in that instant and I told her I would be very tempted to get violent to which she responded, ‘but you know I would never want you to respond that way and get into an altercation with anybody over anything!’

Now, the woman you may claim to be defending may not like you to get violent however your ego is badly hurt and you have just a few seconds to decide the next line of action. What would you do?

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