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DJ Obi Joins Forces With TheFuture.FM; Launches Exclusive Channel with Internet Radio Station Curated by the World’s Top DJs

During his U.S. tour, DJ Obi Launched an exclusive channel with internet radio station curated by the world’s top DJs. Fans of DJ Obi can now track and listen to his pre-recorded and produced mixes from anywhere in the world through his new partnership with Rhapsody-funded music platform, TheFuture.fm.

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Unlike existing music platforms, Thefuture.fm offers DJ Obi the ability to freely use new and emerging music in his distributed mixes. Live DJ sets will also be featured on his channel as well as, bi-weekly podcasts. All content will be available online, as well as, through TheFuture.fm mobile app, where users are able to listen to, manage and save mixes directly from their iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

TheFuture.fm provides DJs with the opportunity to share their mixes with fans online and to legally earn royalties per stream in the process of doing so. Not only will DJs earn royalties, but so will the artists who are included in the mix will as well.

According to Business Wire, “DJs dominate the music charts as both artists and producers. They create hundreds of millions of hours of performance content a year.”

TheFuture.fm is owned by parent company, Dubset Media Holdings, the home to the world’s largest library of fingerprinted DJ-mixed audio content, distribution technology, and rights management engine.

With this new platform, DJ Obi will continue to stand on his trademark ability of taking his fans on a musical journey around the globe—but with a more substantial reach into his U.S. fan base.

DJ Obi is currently halfway through his United States tour, anchored with a heavy mix of events throughout New York City at venues such as 1Oak, Taj, Red Rooster and Brooklyn’s legendary FreeCandy. To-date Obi has alsodone featured sets at Everyday People, South in the City, First Sunday’s Brunch with Iman Dean and many more; with an even more exciting roster to close out the summer with the Guinness Live It Up Festival and New York’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.

To follow DJ Obi’s new channel at TheFuture.fm visit TheFuture.Fm. For videos, music, event information and updated gallery images, please follow DJ Obi on Twitter and on Instagram


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