Goooooodddd mooorrnningggg FAB!

I literally just rolled over in my bed and was like “let me check my mail”. After this post I’m off to get ready for class. I got to catch the 9:10 bus! Yes, I know you really needed to know that…

So this video has just “dropped” and I must say as a budding videographer myself *wink, wink* though it is a nice video – that is all it is to me. Nice. It wasn’t the type of video that made me want to go and spam everyone’s wall on Facebook or timeline for Twitter.

But as usual, I love when my Nigerians step up to the plate with their talent. I hope you like the song. Let us know what you think of the song AND the video!

Have a great day lovelies! If you’re lucky you might even see me again tonight!

If not, don’t worry I still love you.

This is the blurb they put in the information bar on YouTube (in case you didn’t feel like looking for it):

On the beat… On the beat is Davido! More than opening lines to his smash hit debut currently tearing up club scenes all over Nigeria, ‘Back When’ (featuring Naeto C), also announces the deliverance of a rawly talented young man. Ladies and gentleman, Davido is here!

Born in Atlanta, Georgia (U.S.A), but brought up in Lagos, Nigeria; Davido has been producing music since the tender age of 13. After a few self-taught lessons in various studios, he began to explore the depths of music while in high-school as a member of a minor music group. Keeping his eyes firmly on the ball, Davido began lending his talents to many up and coming artists based in Nigeria including Dammy Krane, NPZ and more, truly defining the Afropop and Afrobeat sounds.

Being armed with such talent, today Davido is endorsed by the likes of African music kings D’banj and Don Jazzy, as well as new superstars Wizkid and Ice Prince. Being more than just a presence on a beat, the young man has executed the skills that have enabled collaborations with Nigerian household names, Naeto C and Lynxxx.


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