Yup, you read that right. My first reaction was LOL! Really? Really Cameron? and to make things even funnier, he claims he’s Kim’s 13th cousin – yup the thirst just got real. Is he losing that bad?

After taking a bit of a shelling from Paxman during last week’s televised interview, David Cameron has lost a bit of ground in the polls at a crucial time in the race for the Prime Ministerial hotseat. He and his team are clearly thinking that he needs to “reconnect with the people”, something that Nick Clegg attempted to do when he spent time in front of the cameras with Joey Essex, that guy off that thing who’s famous for his total stupidity.

Joey Essex and Nick Clegg

Now, in a filmed interview with Heat, David Cameron has made the remarkable claim that he’s Kim Kardashian’s 13th cousin. Speaking for the first time about his family link with Mrs Kanye West and the rest of the Kardashian “klan”, the Prime Minister told Heat magazine, “I’m related. Did you see that? Thirteenth cousin … that’s close isn’t it?” Cameron also revealed that he has “no plans” to meet up with his thirteenth cousin …. Kim Kardashian.

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