David Beckham strips to his boxers with James Corden in a parody underwear advert for The Late Late Show. The retired footballer showed off his chiseled body when he stripped down with pal Corden in a sketch that mocks men’s underwear ads. Beckham’s one of the most famous men on the planet, and with one of the most sought-after physiques too. But he has been undeniably upstaged by his best friend James Corden in a spoof video for the British comic’s new TV endeavour The Late Late Show.

james beck james beck1 james beck2

In the moody black and white clip filmed ahead of the sports star’s appearance on the show on Monday night, the two stars are seen in their underwear for a fake advertising campaign for ‘D&J Briefs’ it includes the pair doing ballet, using a hair dryer and standing back to back while talking to the camera, wearing just their pants. Check it out below;

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