The custody battle between rapper Chris “Ludacris” Bridges and his baby mama just took a messy turn as their E-mail conversations over their child’s welfare has not only leaked but gone viral. Sources believe Tamika leaked it to ” expose” Ludacris and gain grounds in the case.


As published by Media Take Out:

 Rapper Chris “LUDACRIS” Bridges has always been a FRIEND to us here at – so it really PAINS us to have to put him ON BLAST like this. But RIGHT IS RIGHT . . . and what he’s doing is WRONG!!!

As you ALREADY know, Ludacris was awarded by an Atlanta court FULL CUSTODY of his daughter Cai – over his ex-girlfriend Tamika Fuller. According to a COURT ORDER, Luda is the sole custodial parent.

But Ludacris is being very UNREASONABLE with Tamika . . . and he is reportedly NOT ALLOWING Tamika to see or speak to their daughter, UNLESS A COURT FORCES HIM TO DO SO. A friend of Tamika reached out to – and sent us some CONFIDENTIAL EMAIL CORRESPONDENCE between Luda and Tamika – which show exactly how UNREASONABLE Luda is being.

In the emails, seen below, Tamika is basically BEGGING HIM to talk to their daughter on the telephone, or Facetime. Ludacris REFUSES – and tells her that he will NOT ALLOW ANY CONTACT, unless the court FORCES him to do so. We really hope that Luda CHANGES HIS STANCE, cause it’s only gonna hurt their DAUGHTER in the long run.

Tamika is COMPLETELY out of money, and is looking for HELP from people. She wants to go to court and make a judge FORCE LUDA to allow her to speak to their baby. If you want to help Tamika get a chance to speak to her baby, donate to her GoFundMe below:”

Here are the e-mails by the way:


Ludacris Tamika email Ludacris Tamika email 2 Ludacris Tamika email 3 Ludacris Tamika email 5 Ludacris Tamika email. 6


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