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We Currently Love: Nigerian Swimwear Brand, Kamokini’s “Blocks” Collection


While a lot of African brands have taken up fashion and accessories, not a lot have branched into swimwear so we were glad to discover Kamokini, a swimwear brand founded by a Nigerian called Kambili Ofili-Okonkwo.

According to her website, the idea to design swimwear came 2 years ago when she began her search for stylish bikinis at high street prices. She also searched for swimsuits that were aware of the average woman’s true body consciousness whilst maintaining her desire to look stylish when she is her most physically exposed. Kambili decided to take matters into her own hands to design swimsuits that catered to her own perspective on what real women expect of a fashionable, affordable and figure complimenting swimsuit.

Kamokini-Gallery-9 Kamokini-Gallery-11 Kamokini-Gallery-12 Kamokini-Gallery-13

We love the bright colours, the pretty cuts and the simplicity of a lot of her pieces. The Kamokini swimsuits are inspired by everything; art, music, African culture, Western fashion trends and an understanding of a woman’s sensuality.

Check out more about the brand here.

Kamokini-Gallery-2 Kamokini-Gallery-3 Kamokini-Gallery-5 Kamokini-Gallery-6 Kamokini-Gallery-8


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