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Cristiano Ronaldo Goes Shirtless On The Cover Of Men’s Health UK September 2014 Issue


One of the most globally recognized athletes, Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo goes shirtless as he is tapped to cover the September 2014 issue of Men’s Health UK.

Going shirtless, as is tradition for the cover, Ronaldo wears a pair of jeans with the waistband of his underwear line CR7 showing.

Inside the magazine, Ronaldo shares his workout and diet secrets for staying remarkably fit. The magazine has claimed Ronaldo “the fittest man alive” and somehow got the soccer superstar to spill his workout (professional soccer and World Cup training, probably) and diet (assuming no carbohydrates or sugar, unfortunately) secrets to readers so we can all have abs like this.

Later on in the magazine, Cristiano Ronaldo takes on fashion and style as he eases into a leather jacket for a lesson in regards to fall style.

Cristiano-Ronaldo-Mens-Health-UK-September-2014-Photos-002-800x1072 Cristiano-Ronaldo-Mens-Health-UK-September-2014-Photos-003-800x1088 Cristiano-Ronaldo-Mens-Health-UK-September-2014-Photos-004-800x1043 Cristiano-Ronaldo-Mens-Health-UK-September-2014-Photos-005-800x1056 Cristiano-Ronaldo-Mens-Health-UK-September-2014-Photos-008-800x1052 Cristiano-Ronaldo-Mens-Health-UK-September-2014-Photos-006-800x1088 Cristiano-Ronaldo-Mens-Health-UK-September-2014-Photos-007-800x1088

According to Bill Phillips, Editor-in-Chief of Men’s Health UK magazine, this cover has been a year in the making. Either way we cannot wait to get our hands on a shirtless Cristiano Ronaldo.


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