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Colours, Cuts & Proportions! 8 Wardrobe Tricks To Look Taller

At some point or the other, while wearing an outfit most likely, you have looked at yourself in the mirror and wished you could add a few inches to your frame. We are not necessarily talking about the model-type inches (although that is fine too) but more in the sense of “Oh! I wish I could look a bit taller with this outfit”.

Thankfully, Styleblazer has put together a few tips and tricks that can help you look taller without changing out your wardrobe. A lot of them are tricks you have heard before – they actually work. Some of them are new to us as well so we just had to share.

Styleblazer states that “even the tiniest member of the petite crew can use tips and tricks to look long and lean. You don’t always have to teeter around in sky-high heels, instead it’s all about color, cut and proportions.”

Check out 8 wardrobe tricks to look taller below:


Monochrome: Sticking with a monochromatic color scheme, for instance an off the shoulder jumpsuit, creates a long line.


Mini Skirt: A mini-skirt is the perfect way to make your legs look longer.


Nude Pumps: A nude pump that’s close to your skin tone gives the illusion of long stems, while ankle straps will cut your frame off.


V-neck Neckline: Go low with your neck line. A v-neck draped shirt draws the eye down and elongates your torso.


Tuxedo Pants: It’s all about the lines with these trousers. The little detail of the black side seam makes a huge impact.


High Waist Shorts: The trick of the high-waist shorts is similar to that of the mini skirt. It simply gives you legs where you didn’t even know you had legs


Vertical Strips: We should all know this one. When you stick with thin, vertical stripes (versus the thick horizontal ones), your short legs are automatically given a stretch.


Proportionate Accessories: Oversized handbags can dwarf your already petite body. Instead, a satchel or crossbody bag is just right.


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