I’m happy, so happy to be at Coffee Shop today! A chance to relax and talk about these things. We are focusing on relationship this week and I love the subject!

Have you been in a relationship before that didn’t work out? We all have or almost all of us. So to the question of the week: Would you date your ex again?

Wow, that’s some question! Someone once said going out on dates with your ex is like reading a book all over again; you know just how it’s going to end. So why do it? But then again, why not? I know a friend who dated her ex and now, she’s happily married to him. I know rules like that don’t apply to everyone but there’s no denying that some couples find true happiness later on.

One relationship experts affirm that having a romantic relationship with someone who should be considered to be in your past is like consciously walking into a trap; so she strongly advices that you don’t go down that road.

Florence, a psychologist says that most people who date their exes do that out of a desperate need to be loved or to correct the mistakes of their past. Why would anyone want to do that?

While Sam is fine with dating his ex again – if he could – Faith vehemently disagrees with the idea.

What do you think? Shout out here on coffee shop as we debate the issue. I look forward to your responses.

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