In interesting yet odd news, a Chinese woman has been reportedly compensated with $5,000 by a Chinese court after claims that she lost her virginity to a man who had promised to marry her only for her to find out that he was already married.

Jezebel states that the woman, whose last name is Chen, met the man, last name Li, online in 2009, but the two started dating later in 2013. They travelled to Singapore where they “consummated” the relationship, but afterwards, Li suddenly dropped contact with Chen. Chen confronted him, discovering he had a wife. So she did the only reasonable thing—she sued him, demanding over $81,000 in psychological damages, plus medical costs.

The Guardian also reports that the court found the original demand excessive, but said in its ruling that the right to virginity should be protected by law as it was a moral right related to “sexual freedom, sexual safety and sexual purity”.

Li, who was not present in court, denies he had sex with Chen and is appealing the decision.

Do you think that the woman is within her ‘moral rights’ to demand compensation from this young man? Let us know what you think.

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