Meet Toyan the stunning young lady behind the upcoming brand Lonseluet, with her latest collection, the ‘Canvas Collection’ she’s already showcased at the Labels show and is set to be setting more waves come the new year.


I caught up with Toyan to find out how exactly she does it, juggling both her studies and getting her foot in fashion industry, I mean it’s a lot of work.

“My name is Toyan also known by my middle name ‘Lonse’.  I am a 20 year old fashion designer with a background in Fine Art and Textiles and I’ve also ventured into the world of independent fashion styling.”


Lonseluet, brain child of Toyan is a young brand that thrives on the designers drive to experiment and produce bespoke pieces. And bespoke they are. I first got a chance to see Toyan’s collection at the Labels Show – it’s elegant, minimalistic yet undeniably modern and oh so artsy. The fusion of minimalism and artistic flair is stunning and so well put together, every piece is ever so lady-like yet looks easy to style and make individual to the wearer.

Why fashion?

Fashion to me is easily disposed for the next hype, but my love for fashion is to create timeless quality pieces. Fashion has many meanings through it all. What we do with fashion is one thing but style has its own manner. The whole field of creativity to me is one that makes this world of ours extraordinary.


What’s the inspiration behind the collection?

The concept of expressing Identity through art in fashion is what I am intrigued by creating through a new generation of womenswear. I am simply captivated by a female’s persona within elegance and modern style.







Editorial or Runway? What do you think brings your clothing more to life?

I would say it is more editorial. My designs have a character of their own that can also be worn for any an extravagant event.


How are you finding juggling university and designing in the real world?

There are challenges that I face each and every day within juggling the two. That is something that encourages me to overcome my fears and continue to step outside my comfort zone. It is very time consuming as you can imagine but being in full time education and pursuing to have my own label helps to continuously develop my skills and strengthen my creative flare whilst building my brand. Fashion is very fast paced it never sleeps so neither do I. You need to have the drive and enthusiasm to continue to push through difficult situations.


Where do you see your brand in the next five year?

Being realistic I see my brand hopefully being known in the market place as one of the must haves. I want my brand to be associated for the woman that wants not only quality but wants to make a real statement with what she wears.










Which designers do you look up to?

There are a range of designers that I am truly inspired by but to narrow my list down I would say Carolina Herrera, Mary Katranzou , Alexander Wang ,John Rocha ,Celine and Christopher Kane. What they have in common is their journey through the Industry. As much as I admire each and every one of their designs, what inspires me is there individual progression through making who and where they are today.














Who would you love to see in your clothing?

I would love to see Keira Knightley , Angelina Jolie and Coco Rocha wearing my clothing. They have such feminine effortless styles.


What can we expect from your next collection?

My next collection will consist of a lot of volume, I’m hoping to use more structured fabric. You can expect a sense of romance in the next collection.



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