Of course we couldn’t leave out the British who have also made their mark in the world of innovative automobile engineering. The Jaguar F type series is built both to satisfy aesthetic appeal and practicality. It is a charismatic sports car with a sharp and invigorating drive dynamic.


We all gush over the magnificent body of Sharam Diniz most especially that tear drop derrière of hers, and unlike most of us who only dream of attaining such perfection, the Jaguar F type has come pretty close.


Its headlights are positioned so they look like they are winking at you as it systematically enhances the appeal of the beautifully sculpted hood which is fitted with two air vents. Much like Diniz’s body, the F type is a perfect lay out of lines and curves that accentuate the shape of the car from its beautifully arched roof to the drag lines on the sides and finally the smoothly contoured wheel curve. It is definitely a sports car capable of awakening that adolescent like excitement we all have in us.

Being in the F type, you know without a doubt that you are in a sports car. Its premium two-seater interior is spacious and covered in fine leather that matches the radiance of Diniz’s skin.


The tiny bits of orange gold accents and the pop out vent really tie the driver-centric dashboard together. A panoramic glass roof version is available in the coupe while the drop top version folds beautifully and with ease at the push of a button allowing you to also experience the roaring beauty of the engine.


aving to choose between the coupe and the convertible wasn’t hard enough, the F-type comes available in four different engine capacities all rear wheel drive with eight speed automatic gearboxes. First we have the 335 horsepower V6, then the 375 horsepower V6 S, followed by the 488 horsepower V8 S. Finally, we have the top dog of the bunch, the 5.0 liter supercharged 550 horsepower V8 R which is available only in the coupe averaging an impressive zero-to-60 mph in 4secs. Amongst other features, it comes complete with a super performance braking system which is emblematic to the “strut, stop and pose” cycle model Diniz displays on a runway.


At this point, we more than agree with the slogan the British auto-giants have coined for the F-type which goes “IT’S GOOD TO BE BAD!



Written by Amarachi Nlemigbo










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