It has been proven that women play a great role in every car purchase decision, from men buying cars to impress the ladies, to wives influencing her husband’s car choice and the likes. However, when it comes to buying luxury cars, we get a little scrambled. Every Friday, and for thirteen weeks we will run this series with cars I love and hope you see them through my eyes – like the most beautiful women in the WORLD! No doubt women are more emotional about purchases, we tend to connect more to purchases so we don’t buy things only to have, or for status, we buy things also because they make us feel excited, we don’t just want to like it, we want to love it. We should always also bear in mind that just as clothes, shoes, bags and other accessories are modelled based on texture, design, body-type, lifestyle etc., so also are cars. Let’s take the Mercedes Benz S-class Coupe which is a regal full sized luxury car with a combination of classy and sporty proportions can be very much likened to supermodel Adriana Lima.


The Mercedes Benz 2015 S550 coupe is latest luxury car by the German automobile king known for their luxury, engineering and style, and as expected, the car screams elegance and looks glamourous. Just the like the “can’t take my eyes off you” effect one gets when you see Adriana Lima, the S550 has great aesthetic appeal, and lots of eye catching detail that draws you to it from its eloquently sculpted long hood fitted with a diamond grille front . Lima’s eyes are as striking as the full LED headlights that are accentuated by 47 cut-glass Swarovski crystals talk about eyes that sparkle.


Also, just as Lima’s curves flows seamlessly into her endless legs, distinctive dropping character lines and sharp creases continues along the pronounced wheel arches. Its sleek glass roof flows graciously like fine silk and the rear is fitted with wide and horizontal tail light. As said earlier, women want to feel and connect, and at this point I’m feeling, love at first sight.

fab-magazine-adriana-lima-mercedes-benz-s550-coupe1Stepping into the car, you can immediately tell that the German automakers were just as generous. The aluminium panelled doors open up to the calfskin leather interior and silk headliners as soft looking as Lima’s Skin. The dashboard sits majestic and again flows like the fine curves of the exotic model. The roof which is made entirely of glass is fitted with a magic sky system that adjusts transparency. The interior is rounded off with elaborate and ambient lighting that accentuates the intelligent aesthetics.


The car runs on 4.7-liter twin-turbo V-8 engine, in plain English, it goes really fast averaging about 60mph in 4.5secs, with a 449-horsepower and 516 lb-ft. turning power, the S-class Coupe is every bit as effortless as Lima in its movement.

The car comes equipped with safety and assistance systems such as sensors and cameras that can create 6D real-time images of up to 160ft of the surroundings in front of the car, an auto brake system, and can drive itself for short burst of time. Its infotainment system is nothing short of awesome with an LCD screen large enough to satisfy graphic artistes, software that generates a playlist based in the mood the driver selects amongst others.

There is no doubt that this car has taken its seat at the peak of luxury and as a Adriana Lima always says a woman should always be respected, this car not only earns you respect, it makes you feel powerful and in control.

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