We are once again back to hybrids that are supercars or supercars that are hybrids, and nothing jumps to mind more than the Porsche 918. This eco-friendly engineering brilliance is blue ribbon worthy on every note. The Germans once again have showed their superiority in taste for luxury and brilliantly engineered cars.


The 918 which in every way is illustrative of a sports car is proof that hyper-cars and sustainability are not mutually exclusive. It’s severe but also subtle contour lines are only comparable to the well sculpted body of a super model much like Candice Swanepoel. There is no contesting the fact that Swanepoel’s body is flawless, and the same can be said of the 918. The overarching bonnet is defined by the distinctive wings over it and the LED headlights give it the just enough sass. The lightweight two-domed carbon roof folds into the luggage compartment with ease similar to flicking your hair.  Once again functionality is merged with aesthetic appeal as the front grille; the extended B-pillar and the overarched rear not only aid airflow but also add to the imposing beauty of the car in a



manner comparable to Swanepoel’s beauty. The exterior is finished off with the three dimensional LED rear lights and the rear wing which delivers both down-force and also gives the 918 a sporty finish.

2015-porsche-918-spyder-photo-619672-s-520x318 (1)

The driver centered dashboard is fitted with multifunction sports steering that also aids posture thereby maximizing driving comfort. Much like the near perfect abs of Swanepoel, the exquisitely crafted eco-friendly leather is beautifully and systematically laid out to provide contrast and a controlled layout. The car is fitted with all the latest media and communication systems from Bluetooth to USB to WLAN and it even comes complete with a Burmester surround-sound system.


This plug in hybrid comes fully equipped with 887 horsepower, 944 lb-ft of torque from its mid-mounted V-8 engine and electric motors on both sides, giving it excellent stability and driving dynamics. Swanepoel undeniably owns the runway with her fierce strut, but I am sure that even she will be impressed by the astounding 2.6secs zero-to-60 mph average of the 918. With an automatic suspension management system and torque vectoring system, the 918 delivers tenacious handling and great driving pleasure.


This engineering wonder is every bit a glorious car from its jaw dropping contoured exterior to its sustainable high powered performance engine and it’s even more ecstatic interior. Thus, we tip our hats to the near million dollar hybrid hyper-car.


Written by Amarachi Nlemigbo







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