We’ve all heard the saying “sex sells” and it indeed is true. The saying couldn’t be truer when it comes to Calvin Klein and their infamous campaigns. And with sex comes a lot of controversy which CK has had a fair share of over the years, for forever spushing the boundary on exactly how much sex they can sell.

Check out Calvin Klein’s most controversial campaigns through the years from starring underage girls to supposed photoshop scandals CK has them all covered; the brand has a long history of courting controversy through its sexy and risqué images. Discover 10 of Calvin Klein’s most controversial campaigns yet below;

Calvin Klein in the 1980’s


Brooke Shields appeared in Calvin Klein Jeans ad campaign in 1980. With the tagline: “You want to know what comes between me and my Calvins? Nothing.” many thought it was controversial considering Shields young age of 15. CBS would go on to ban the commercial.


A Calvin Klein Underwear ad from 1985 features a woman and two men laying a bed half naked – alluding to a possible ménage à trois.


Calvin Klein in the 1990’s


Mark Wahlberg and Kate Moss star in the 1992 CK campaign from Calvin Klein photographed by Herb Ritts. Kate was only 17-years-old and posing topless, this became one of CK’s controversial images.


Kate Moss was in yet another controversial Calvin Klein campaign for their ‘Obsession’ fragrance for men–shot in 1993. Photographed by Mario Sorrenti, many felt the ads promoted the Heroine Chic look of the time.


For fall-winter 1995, a Calvin Klein ad campaign photographed by Steven Meisel went under fire for what many people thought as promoting “kiddie porn”. The young looking models in states of undress in what looked like a basement was unsettling for some. Despite complaints, all of the models featured in the shoot were of age at the time of the shooting.


Calvin Klein in the 2000’s


Eva Mendes starred in Calvin Klein’s super sexy ‘Secret Obsession’ perfume ad in 2008. The commercial was banned from television due to Eva’s excessive show of skin.


The spring 2009 Calvin Klein Jeans advertisements photographed by Steven Meisel were considered too sexy by some. Models posed in various states of semi-nakedness in what looked like a pre-orgy setting. The commercial was banned on television.


Calvin Klein in 2010 to now


In 2010, Lara Stone starred in a Calvin Klein ad campaign which featured three half clothed male models photographed by Mert & Marcus. Many felt the image suggested violence and rape. The ad was banned from billboards in Australia.


A 2011 CK One ad for Calvin Klein looked like nothing unusual until people started to point out that it looked like it was spelling the word, F***. The table makes an F with her bra shaped in a U and a CK at the end. Photo by Steven Meisel.


In 2015, Calvin Klein tapped Justin Bieber for its Jeans advertisements. His sexy and worked out body looked too good to be true for some people who quickly accused the brand of photoshopping Justin to look more bulky. Justin and Klein deny the claims. Photo by Mert & Marcus

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