Summer has barely begun, but before we can squeeze the last barbeque of the summer out, it’s all going to be over. Although this may seem depressing, the thought of Autumn, falling leaves and chilly breezes need not be. What one truly needs in times of winter coats and ugg boots, is a good old belly laugh. Concerts and theatre shows are all well and good, but nothing really beats a giggle at borderline inappropriate joke does it?

Well look no further than the Kevin Hart tour. Actor and funnyman Hart, has starred in films such as “Scary Movie 3”, “Along Came Polly” “Soul Plane” “Death at a Funeral” and most recently, “Think Like A Man” , as well as a stint in the hilarious ABC series “Modern Family”. What is impressive is that this list barely dents his impressive repertoire.
Well established as black comedy royalty in the USA, the stand-up comedian is bringing his tour “Laugh At My Pain” to England this Autumn- a tour whose sold out audiences broke records previously held by comedic legend Eddie Murphy. The tour commences in September, and although it may seem quite a while away, these tickets are guaranteed to not hang around for long. So get them before they’re snapped up, and add some funny to your Fall.


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