Remember the gorgeous songstress that is Brandy behind the hits “The Boy is Mine” and “Afrodisiac” amongst many others? Well, she’s back. Not only is she back but she is back with a banging high fashion editorial shot by photographer Derek Blanks who is famed for his various celebrity alter ego shoots over the years. The shoot sees Brandy’s evil alter ego take her nice self hostage – a theme undoubtedly those of you who’ve got your hands on our Escapism Issue are all too familiar with – and the nice self bound, gagged and held at gun point.

Here is how Blanks explains the concept of the shoot:

The struggle between good and bad. WHEN GOOD GOES BAD. This is a HIGH FASHION STORY that takes you into the dark side of brandy. The good Brandy is kidnapped and ends up struggling with herself to finally kill the dark demons with in.

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