Celebrities Reveal What Fans Say To Them On The Street | Watch


Ever seen one of your favourite celebrities and you were so starstruck that two hours later you are wondering to yourself, “Oh God, Why did I say that?” well meeting a celebrity can be quite awkward – even for them it seems.

In this video from Vanity Fair, Jennifer Garner, Jake Gyllenhaal, Reese Witherspoon, and Channing Tatum are just a few of the many celebs featured detailing what fans say to them when they are recognized on the street.

Some of the responses include: “We don’t wanna talk to you, we just wanna take a picture with you”; “Oh my god, you’re so much prettier in person”; and “You’re my best friend and you don’t even know it.” Several of the celebs featured in the video say fans don’t have any clue who they are, some of them get mixed up for other people, and some have their famous lines repeated to them.

It’s nice to know that we are not alone in the “awkward meet” of some of our favourite celebrities. Watch the video below:

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Jamaican Model Kai Newman Is A ‘Chic Boss’ In Glamour Magazine’s October 2014 Issue


Jamaica’s latest supermodel on the rise, Kai Newman is tapped for the October 2014 issue of Glamour magazine as she hits the streets in classic grey designs with bold puffers and parkas for a ‘Chic Boss’ fashion editorial photographed by Horst Diekgerdes with styling by Katie Mossman.

We love the easy mix of voluminous pieces with chic pieces in this editorial. It is an unusual mix and Kai Newman certainly pulls it off.

The editorial focuses on how to take chic feminine pieces and pair them with bright menswear layering coats to make a statement. In the editorial we see several bright pieces merged with conservative pieces to bring out a fun and playful vibe.

Styled by Katie Mossman, Kai Newman wears luxury brands such as Dior, Hunter, Alexander Wang, Fendi, Vanessa Bruno, Jason Wu, Altuzarra, Paco Rabanne, Anthony Vaccarello, Stella McCartney, Molami and more as she showcases FAB fashion pieces – pants, coats, parkas, scarves, shorts, shirts, sweaters, skirts and more.

Check out the rest of the editorial below to get ‘Chic Boss’ inspirations:

kai-newman-glamour-us-1 kai-newman-glamour-us-3 kai-newman-glamour-us-4 kai-newman-glamour-us-5 kai-newman-glamour-us-6

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First Comes The Tour, Then Comes The Album! Are Beyoncé And Jay Z Making A Joint Album?


The media cannot get enough of Beyonce and Jay Z or is it their publicist that keeps feeding us these rumours? Since the elevator beatdown different rumours have been flying around about Beyonce and Jayz – from divorce, to tour mishaps, to pregnancy and now a joint album.

According to Los Angeles DJ Skee, it’s happening. And it will come out soon– like, within the next few months. As reported by HipHopDX.com:

The biggest couple in music, maybe entertainment, maybe the world, they’re working on an album together,” DJ Skee said. “You know who I’m talking about, Jay Z and Beyoncé. I have confirmed and talked with a couple sources. Now we all know what Jay Z did Samsung last year. We all know how Beyoncé came out of nowhere. But this secret would top all of them, even that new U2 album.”

The news comes on the heels of their final On The Run Tour show in Paris on Saturday (September 13). The North American leg of the tour alone grossed over $100 million according to Billboard. In August Billboard estimated that the couple’s per show pay guarantee was as high as $4 million “from an average attendance of nearly 45,000 per show.” The North American tour also boasted a collective attendance of 850,000 over 19 shows.

Are you excited about the prospect of a new album or is this just one joint project too many?

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FAB Beauty: We Help Toke Makinwa Choose Her Next Hairdo

toke-hairWe all know that Nigerian media personality Toke Makinwa is a style chamelion who likes shaking things up every now and again. Toke has already experimented with a range of hairstyles this year from edgy bobs to box braids from dark locks to brunette curls. Hence it came as no surprise Toke took to her Instagram account today to ask for suggestions for a new hairdo, clearly itching for a change again. So we decided to have some fun and give Toke some idea.



Toke mentioned “pixie cut” in her Instagram post so we decide to try a few short cuts on her. First we go for Jennifer Hudson’s hair but feel that Toke looks a little too boyish with this cut. While her pixie-like features are perfect to pull off a short cut, perhaps an Elvis-style quiff is a bit too overwhelming.


We can’t help resist pulling a Miley side-shaven pixie on Toke just to see how she looks. And a hair style that could go oh so horribly wrong on someone else looks absolutely fab on Toke. Who knows maybe she should go all out with a blonde pixie cut?



We then graduate on to mid-length. We try this old-school Hollywood glam hairdo on Toke and decide the results are meh…


We decided to stick to mid-length with less volume with a side-swept do in nutmeg tones and the results were amazing.


There is still room for some madness here so we decide to check out how Toke may pull off Kelly Osborne’s lavender bob. The result? She looks like a perfect Harajuku doll.


Another style Toke is considering is a fringe so it had to be done; we had to see how she would look with bangs. Not bad, hey? She kind of reminds us of Beyonce when the diva sported her fringed honey blonde do.



Next up was Solange’s Afro. We reckon Toke’s delicate featured are a little drowned by the huge do. Perhaps a smalle Afro would work better.



It goes without saying that we had to try a variety of long hair styles on Toke, seeing that whether in weaves or box braids she likes to keep it long. For something a little different we tried on platinum blonde poker straight hair with visible roots. Not surprisingly, Toke pulled that one off too.


Next up was Selena Gomez’s mini-bouffant which made for a flattering do showing off Toke’s beautiful face.



Then we tried Kim Kardashian’s glossy brunette locks on Toke and found she could give Kim K. a run for her money.



We decided to check out an off-mid parting with long hair only to find out that it’s actually quite similar to the hair often sported by the media personality – long, mid-parted and poker straight. “If it ain’t broke, why fix it?” was our consensus as this hairstyle truly suits Toke’s facial features.

toke-longWe concluded our little cheeky experiment with the Modiface app with one certainty: Toke Makinwa is blessed with such a beautiful face that she can pull off just about any hairstyle. But what do you think? Do you have a favourite?

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Another Photoshopped Thigh Gap Instagram Post From Beyoncé! Where Does The Photoshop Madness End?

Beyonce Thigh Gap

Where does the strive for perfection end? Models, celebrities and the media are constantly in our face about bodily perfections when there really is no such thing – and it is amazing that it is these women that young girls look up to that also feel a need to give an air of perfection.

My rant this morning is not just a rant – trust me, it has root.

Taking a look at some of the pictures that the Queen Bey posted on her Tumblr page it has become apparent that one of her bikini shots while enjoying her 33rd birthday on a yacht with family and friends was doctored.

beyonce-bikini-1 Capture Capture1

The picture shows Beyoncé stepping down on a staircase and at first glance it just seems like she has space between her legs because of the mathematical calculations of putting two legs in different places (or something like that I guess), but on closer inspection it is obvious that Beyoncé has actually created the gap in between her things – thereby falling victim, again, to one of the oldest debates in the book when it comes to photoshop – creating a thigh gap.

Sure we all love a good thigh gap and if we could have it we would make the sun stream between our legs in a sensual and yet flattering way, as Beyoncé intended. Alas, for most women who are curvy, bodacious and bootylicious, a thigh gap is something that will never happen. Why must you force it with photoshop?

It is disappointing to see that Beyonce feels a need to create a thigh gap on an Instagram post (aren’t all the filters enough for beauty already) again. If you recall, Beyoncé was called out by fans earlier in the year when she posted a picture on Instagram that also appeared to be doctored. She shared a string of shots looking trim and toned as she took to a golf course for her very own Single Ladies tournament in red and white stripy shorts and a pink bikini top. But seconds after the mum-of-one posted the pictures online, she was flooded with comments from fans criticising her for photoshopping one of the shots to make her thighs appear slimmer.

Another photoshop mishap

Another photoshop mishap

Beyoncé is not the only one who has tried to deceive young girls on Instagram as even the curvy and proud Kim Kardashian-West has been knocked for using a slimming app on her Instagram pictures. So again I ask, is there no end to this photoshop madness?

Kim-Kardashian Kim-Kardashian-Instagram

If people like Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian, who the media has always loved their curves, feel a personal need to photoshop their bodies to be thinner then where do we stand with teaching young girls about self-appreciation and body love?

Beyonce and Kim Kardashian are not the only ones we are calling out. Late last year model Miranda Kerr was forced to say sorry after sharing a Photoshoppped picture making her waist look thinner – a year after she posted the original.

Spot the difference?

Spot the difference?

Seeing this picture from Beyoncé is quite disappointing and only reminds me of a sentence I heard the other day – “Don’t try to look like the girl in the magazine. Even the girl the in magazine does not look like the girl in the magazine”.

17-year-old singer, Lorde once called out a photoshopped picture of her face and added to her Twitter followers, “…remember flaws are ok”.


Beyonce, we love you as you are. There is no need to photoshop your thick thighs. What do you think? Did Beyonce digitally alter the picture?

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The Labels Bespoke Fashion Show Returns for a Fourth Installment; Presents ‘Preby’ Spring/Summer 2015 Collection By Sylvia Fumudoh


One event to look forward to in the coming weeks is The Labels Fashion Show 2014, which will be taking place on the 11th of October and showcasing the forthcoming ‘PREBY’ Spring/Summer 2015 collection by emerging London designer Sylvia Fumudoh, with more designers to be announced shortly.

Founded in 2011 and based in London, The Labels Fashion Show provides the unique opportunity for the best emerging bespoke fashion designers to showcase their work of art and fashion collection to key tastemakers, creatives and potential clients within the international fashion industry.

Carving itself a place and strong reputation within the British and international fashion calender, the aim of The Labels Fashion Show is to create an independent platform for burgeoning and lesser known bespoke designers to showcase their collections and build awareness for their brands, and to inspire creative media and businesses to tap into these budding young talents – helping to build a brand and network within the global fashion industry without complete dependence on mainstream fashion outlets.

Having already provided unique opportunities and platforms for designers such as Anna Gregory, Kiwi Sumo, Gabrielle Gambetta, Prelim, and Helsalvador among others in its three previous editions, the fourth annual The Labels Fashion Show will feature emerging fashion designer Sylvia Fumudoh and her bespoke brand ‘PREBY’, and is to be held at the remarkable skylines of CCT on Level 32, 40 Bank Street, Canary Wharf, London, E14 5NR on the 11th of October.

PREBY by Sylvia Fumudoh A+W 2014 IV PREBY by Sylvia Fumudoh A+W 2014 I

Inspired by shapes and curves and fabrics and colour, Sylvia Fumudoh’s ‘PREBY’ brand features great shapes and fabrics for comfortable clothing that is sophisticated yet totally wearable, from work to casual. Her designs focuses on how to flatter a real woman’s body, creating designs that are wearable and reflect sophistication, strength and confidence. Fumudoh has a strong eye and passion for elegant womenswear, with past collections consisting of Bridal and evening wear.

Sylvia Fumudoh began her career in 2003, studying Fashion and Textiles, and Arts and Design at Leyton Sixth Form College, before embarking on a foundation degree at London Middlesex University in Fashion Design. Now with over a decade’s experience, a growing client base including Britain’s Got Talent’s CEO Dancers and Tiwa Savage, and features on Pride Magazine and Zen Magazine among other tastemakers, Fumudoh’s ‘PREBY’ remains all about style, confidence and class, she is a determined and creative fashion designer with strong ambition and no limitations.

The Labels Fashion Show 2014 is free to attend, but guestlist registration is required. For registration, please email

For more information, please email:



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Patchwork Jeans! The New Denim Trend You Have Got To Try


While we can never get tired of the reliable denim, we have to constantly look for new ways to revamp the denim look and bust out new styles. One new denim trend that we have spotted recently is the patchwork. It seems people are embracing DIY techniques more.

With fashion houses like Junya Watanabe, Stella McCartney, and rag & bone already churning out quilt-like jeans, we know it is only a matter of time before this trend is embraced on the street, on the runway and in fashion magazines.

Our best way to style the patchwork denim is to go for an androgynous style that’s as edgy as it is every day. The boyfriend patchwork jeans is the best way to do denim right. This slouchy style features playful patches and contrast cuffs for a look that’s at once relaxed and refined. Team them with a simple sweater and leather brogues to complete this boy-meets-girl statement.

To help you incorporate this trend into your wardrobe, we have put together a few people wearing the patchwork denim trend to give you some inspiration:

42114F085003_4 42576F085001_4 image image4xxl IMG_2434[1] opener


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First Look At The Olivia Pope-Inspired ‘Scandal’ Collection for The Limited


If you love the fashion and style of career women in series like Gina Torres (Jessica Pearson) in ‘Suits’ and Kerry Washington (Olivia Pope) in ‘Scandal’ well here is your chance to revamp your wardrobe on a budget.

Earlier in the year we brought you the details of an Olivia Pope inspired collection from fashion brand The Limited, well now it’s time to get a sneak peek into the collection and start saving up for when the collection is finally released.

article-2758072-2168E96F00000578-508_634x353 article-2758072-2168E97300000578-109_634x353

The “Scandal” collection at The Limited contains more than 70 items, with prices from about $49 to $250. The garments are due in stores and online next week and are scheduled to be available through May, the end of the 2014-15 television season. A multimedia campaign bills the collection as “Fearless fashion for ladies who lead.”

The collection features pencil skirts, chic coats, print blouses, and a selection of work-ready pants.The Limited described the clothing, which will go on sale later this month, as ‘sophisticated professional’ with a neutral palette, tailored leg trousers and chic feminine blouses.

The Limited Collection Inspired by SCANDAL from LaForce Stevens on Vimeo.

The Limited calls the “Scandal” merchandise a collaborative effort of Ms. Washington; Elliot Staples, head of design for the retailer; and Lyn Paolo, the costume designer for “Scandal.” Her stylized look for the series, described as “gladiators in suits,” has been noticed by the fashion press. The three are featured in a video clip that promotes the collection; some print ads, showing models wearing the clothes, also give a shout-out to the creator of “Scandal,” Shonda Rhimes, and feature the logos of the series and ABC.

Check out some of the pieces to be expected below:

Look10_Tulip-Skirt-Sheath-128-1294x1940 Look11_Drape-Collar-Wrap-Coat-248-Necktie-Blouse-69.95-Liv-Flare-Leg-Trouser-98-1294x1940 Look14_Plaid-Cape-228-Olivia-Modern-Trouser-98-1294x1940 Look18_Tweed-Peplum-Jacket-168-Livvy-Slim-Leg-Ankle-Pant-98-1294x1940 Look23_BlackWhiteSheath-128-1294x1940

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Imani Hakim Lands New Movie Role In “Chocolate City” Film


The “Everybody Hates Chris” and “Gabby Douglas Story” starlet has landed a new movie role in writer-director Jean Claude LaMarre film “Chocolate City.” The film includes Robert Ri’chard, Tyson Beckford, Michael Jai White, Vivica A. Fox, Carmen Electra, Darrin Hewitt Henson, Ginuwine, and DeRay Davis.

The 21 year old beauty will play her first romantic lead role as Carmen opposite Robert Ri’chard (Coach Carter, Meet the Browns, One on One). Carmen is attractive and smart. She and Michael (Ri’chard) are college students and best friends. Their friendship takes a turn as they explore being more than just friends.

The film is about Michael’s life as a struggling college student that changes in an instant when he meets the owner of a male strip club who convinces him to give amateur night a whirl. The film is produced by Nu-Lite Entertainment and is expected to be released in 2015.


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Winner For Skales’ Shake Body Dance Competition Emerges; Afro Soul Diva, Aramide Joins Baseline Music


Rave of the moment, Skales, today announced a winner for his dance contest after seven weeks.

The winner – A US based Comedian Chief Obi topped the list with 25,877 views as at the close of the competition. Ivorian Ibo Laure Prisca and Nigerian Amaka Njiofor closely follow him. Canada based Alikor Stephanie and North America based Richard Nwaoko take 4th and 5th position respectively.


In other news, quintessential musician Aramide last week became the newest artiste to sign under music label Baseline Music; home to sensational Pop artiste Saeon, Multi-talented musician Skales, and Producer Mr. Chido.

“Aramide has great potentials. With her unique voice and talents, she has what it takes to bloom and expand in this industry. With her exceptional fusion of afro beat and soul music, she can surpass anything.” Howie T head honcho at Baseline Music says

Her acoustic rendition and female version of eLDee’s “Today Today”, and Davido’s “Ekuro” went viral and received much acclaim. The Nigerian Indie Afro-Soul/Jazz artiste Aramide has performed at various events within and outside the country such as Industry Nite Dubai, FAB awards, Trybe Records Olympic UK Tour, Sterling Bank ‘Get Ready For Work Concert’, amidst other top events in and outside the country.

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FAB Fashion: Candice Swanepoel Shows off FAB Beach Body in Victoria’s Secret Shoot

Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 04.56.05Summer may be over for most but not for South African model Candice Swanepoel who hit Malibu Beach on Monday. Straight off a successful season at New York Fashion Week, Swanepoel was on location for a Victoria’s Secret shoot.

candice-1 candice-2

The 25-year-old model looked tanned and toned with sexy beach waves sporting a colour-block neoprene bikini as she posed for for new campaign shots. She landed in California on Saturday after wrapping up another successful fashion week which the model walk for Michael Kors and Diane von Furstenberg.

candice-3 candice-4

Speaking of her enviable figure, the model admitted she is blessed with a fast metabolism but still tries to eat healthy and work out often. “Food-wise, I’m very, very lucky that I can eat whatever I want. For me, I;ve always had a healthy lifestyle,” she told OK! Magazine.

Lucky her, hey?

candice-8 candice-5



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FAB Fashion: Jennifer Lawrence Exudes Ultra Chic in New Dior Ad

jlaw-dior-1Jennifer Lawrence is a picture of effortless chic and quiet confidence in her fourth campaign ad for the French fashion house Dior. In a close up where the Hunger Games actress is seen hugging a powder blue Be Dior handbag, she looks fresh faced with slicked back blonde locks and barely there make up.

Photographed by Patrick Demarchelier and styled by Dior’s Raf Simons, the 24-year-old actress is seen in a range of power suits modelling Be Dior handbags in pastel shades.


In the behind-the-scenes video of the shoot, Academy Award winner describes how she prepares. “I feel like any time you get in front of the camera, it’s important to have a character in mind or an emotion, just so you have something in your eyes.”


Speaking of powerful women, the actress defines a powerful woman as “someone who exudes confidence and can be tough but fair and kind. And also knows how to get what she wants.”

Cutting a powerful figure indeed in Dior, Jennifer Lawrence has been stepping up her red carpet game over the years too. And with her two highly anticipated movies, Serena and Mocking Jay Part 1 of the Hunger Games series, set to hit the theatres respectively on 24 October and 21 November and the award season fast approaching, we can’t wait to see what Lawrence will rock on the upcoming red carpets this season.

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FAB Style: Jourdan Dunn Rocks ‘Naomi Kate Cara Jourdan’ TShirt at Harrods Bash

Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 03.57.48

Jourdan Dunn has certainly beaten Naomi Campbell to it by grabbing the Missguided Jourdan Supermodel Boyfriend TShirt. While the original supermodel Naomi Campbell asked her fans on Instagram this Monday where she could buy one, Miss Dunn was seen rocking the coveted tee at Harrods Shoe Heaven Launch Party on Tuesday evening.

Paying homage to predecessors Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss and sending a cheeky nod to model mate Cara Delevingne, Jourdan rocked the tee on a fashion night out. The 24-year-old model who has become an icon since she launched her modelling career in 2008 paired the tee with an edgy leather mini with buckles and fur ankle boots keeping her look casual but luxe.


Discovered in Hammersmith Primark in 2006 and featured on high profile campaigns and catwalks over the years and listed as one of  the top-earning models in 2014 by Forbes Magazine, Dunn is often seen as Naomi’s successor while Cara is considered by many to be the next Kate so we reckon this fashionable tribute is only fitting.

Want Jourdan’s look? Why not check out our styling ideas?



Jourdan Dunn Supermodel Boyfriend
Jourdan Dunn Supermodel Boyfriend by sinem-i featuring a boyfriend tee

Boyfriend tee
£40 - missguided.co.uk

The Kooples punk skirt
£200 - stylebop.com

Stuart Weitzman flat ankle boots
£270 - neimanmarcus.com

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FAB Gist: Beyonce Flaunts Flawless Figure in New Birthday Snaps

beyonce-bikini-2While Serena Williams shows off her killer curves on the beach, Beyonce flaunts her flawless body in new pictures she shared on her Tumblr account on Tuesday. Not only do Queen Bey’s holiday snaps shows off her fine form, but they are sure to put paid to marriage trouble rumours too. Bey and Jay couldn’t look any happier celebrating the diva’s 33rd birthday on a luxury yacht in the south of France early this month.


A selection of fab pics from the birthday celebrations show the “Drunk in Love” singer in a bikini displaying her enviable figure, Mr. and Mrs. Carter canoodling on the beach and the adorable Blue Ivy playing in the sand.

bey-jay blue-ivy blue

Bey is also seen posing on the yacht sporting a gold body chain and a Camilla print maxi dress she chose to wear as a maxi skirt over her bikini bottoms. She also poses with her back to the camera, in one shot looking over her shoulder with a smouldering gaze at the camera.



bey-over-the-shoulderbey-backsideBey also posted a few cheeky images of herself in round sunglasses and sporting a party hat with gold lettering which spelled Queen Bey.

bey bey-selfie bey-crown

Other pictures show Jay Z stepping into the water, Beyonce’s youthful mum Tina Knowles and the singer lounging on the beach next to writing on the sand which reads, “Happy B’day.”

jay-beach tina-knowles bey-yacht bey-day bey-jay-beach

What do you think? It must have been a very happy B’day indeed, right?



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FAB Gist: Serena Williams Shows off Killer Curves

serena-williamsMove over, Kim K. and Nicki Minaj – as Serena Williams hits the beach and kills the competition in booty stakes with her shapely derriere. Following her US Open victory last week, the 32-year-old tennis champion hit the beach in a black and neon sporty two-piece and showed off her muscular physique. Accessorising with a 1970s style floppy-brimmed hat and some round shades, Serena looked on top form.


Serena Williams soaked up the sun with her beach buddy actress Eva Longoria and her muscular and shapely figure came as a breath of fresh air in a world of surgically enhanced curves. Oddly though, her choice of footwear was a pair of trainers.


Earlier this year Serena said: “I never thought I’d be playing at this stage and I have had a lot of time to think about it. I never thought I would have one of the best years this year, but I always just try to keep doing things better. I’m still looking to improve.”

Serena Williams has won 17 Grand Slams and is currently ranked No.1 by the Women’s Tennis Association, for the sixth time.


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