At 3:43pm on Sunday, June 3rd 2012 a Dana Air flight from the Nigerian Federal Capital Abuja crashed in the Lagos neighborhood of Iju Ishaga just north of the Murtala Mohammed International Airport according to the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA).

It was unclear how many people were in the building and on the street at the time of the crash and the rescue efforts of the emergency crew soon turned to a recovery of bodies.

On Monday, June 4th crews scoured the wreckage of the airliner looking for data recorders to piece together what caused the explosion of the aircraft killing all 153 people aboard and at least 10 others on the ground.

The country has been thrown into a state of inexplicable despair and sadness as so many mourn the loss of friends and family members. Many are calling for more information as to how this disaster happened and if it could have been averted and in the light of the situation President Goodluck Jonathan has ordered an immediate investigation into the crash, while declaring a three-day period of national mourning for the victims of the crash.

“President Jonathan assures air travelers in the country that every possible effort will be made to ensure that the right lessons are learned from the tragic loss of valuable lives in today’s plane crash and that further measures will be put in place to boost aviation safety”

Even more saddening is the fact that this tragic incident came the same day that two church bombings in northern Nigeria killed at least 15 people and wounded 38 others.

Several Nigerian celebrities have expressed their deepest condolences for this tragic affair and have implored their fellow countrymen to stay strong and put our Great country Nigeria in their prayers now more than ever.

In a private chat with me earlier this morning, popular singer BankyW expressed his sadness over the recent happenings saying,

“sometimes in life something so tragic suddenly occurs and we have no idea why. It is heartbreaking what happened with the flight crash and all we can do is hope that the victims rest in peace and pray for their families that God will comfort and strengthen them as they bear their loss”.


Nigerian actress Kendra Etufunwa also had a message of condolence:

“I arrived Nigeria a few days ago for the Nigeria Entertainment Awards (NEA) and it was with deep sadness that I learned of the Dana air crash on Sunday afternoon. My prayers goes out to all those who lost their loved ones in this horrible disaster and also for my country Nigeria. Now more than ever we need to unite and be strong for one another”


Rapper and ex Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria also sent out her deepest sympathy saying,

“words fail me, I am still reeling from the shock of this disaster. So many lives were lost and my sincere condolence goes out to everyone who was affected by this crash. Lets not also forget the lives that were lost in the bomb blast in the north, us Nigerians need to be strong in these trying times and pray that God Almighty sees us through”.

Several other celebrities also went on twitter to air their views.

Rapper Ikechukwu tweeted:

“May God bless the lost souls from the crash, I still can’t get over this s**t”.

He also added

“Nigeria can’t remain a country with great potential forever. We need to realize and attain that potential at some point or else it is rhetoric”.


Rhythm 93.7fm On-Air-Personality Toke Makinwa tweeted:

“If we could turn back the hands of time we all would. God knows best and my faith doesn’t allow me to question him”.

“Live enough for today. Let tomorrow take care of tomorrow after all it is not promised. Each moment you find yourself here is a blessing”.


Well-known Nigeria entertainment entrepreneur Obi Asika tweeted:

“I woke up this a.m. reflecting on those we lost yesterday through accident, terror and incompetence. May God rest the dead and heal the living”


Ovation Magazine owner and former presidential aspirant Dele Momodu tweeted:

“A day for mourning for Nigeria! We all woke up this morning wishing yesterday was just a bad dream but the nightmare was real”

“Let us pray for our dear nation that God should heal the wounds, reconcile our sharp differences and exorcise the evil spirits plaguing us”


I leave you all reading this with a personal message of condolence:

“No one ever told me that grief felt so much like fear, but we are a great nation and we can conquer our fear, wipe our tears and push on. Sorrow comes to stretch our places in the heart of joy, the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away. May the souls of the departed rest in eternal peace.”  Karen Eloke Young



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  1. Michelle Spice

    Hi all;
    Please try to see the bigger picture! In anytime of grief we can never connect the two ends nor make sense of them but with every incident happy or sad we must learn from them…

    We are one people and we must take care of each other don’t want for an incident to do so… The lost of lives are huge in any instances but we must try to learn from that and take better care…

    Our hearts will all heal and we’ll feel a bit better soon, but sill there will be a mission void.

    Englightment and upliftment to your spirts all, you are here so don’t take it for granted..



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