Luclay and Mumba argue


Zambian Mumba has always come under fire for being one of the more subdued contestants amongst the tails housemates but late yesterday evening the 25 year-old radio presenter diminished that side of her personality as she freaked out at Luclay for trying to kiss her during their hospital task.

Luclay’s role in the task had him performing mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on Mumba, a performance she alleged he took too far.

Luclay appeared to take her accusations as a joke at first, but once Mumba – who yesterday celebrated her birthday – started pointing her fingers in his face, the South African was not at all bemused.

What came across during the entire fiasco, was just how much Mumba is attracted to Luclay as while she was arguing with him she climbed on-to his bed and almost straddled a confused Luclay, who accused her of touching his penis while she had her hands under his duvet. The fight ended as Luclay jumped off his bed. He had pleaded with Mumba to move from his person but he finally walked away as she showed no intentions of doing so.

Baffled? Yeah, you, me and the rest of Africa.


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  1. Gretta

    Mumba is attracted to Luclay, but she has an attitude as if she doesn’t like him or he is not her tipe.
    Luclay is very hot and is not her tipe and what i like about him she is trying to be humble with her even she keeps on following him.


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