Ghanian Alex and Kenyan Millicent enjoy a drunken-fueled smooch

Only seven days in and Big Brother Africa is hotter then ever.

The star showed Africa some love

This time around the popular reality television show has been amplified, and the series certainly started off on a high as the launch show garnered a great endorsment from International hip-hop icon Busta Rhymes, who not only performed on the South African stage, but also took time to sit down with the shows Nigerian presenter IK.


Amplified Housemates Group 1


This year there are 26 housemates from the 14 African countries Angola, Botswana, Ghana, Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique , Namibia, Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe, the perfect melting pot for mischeif and mishaps.

Amplified Housemates Group 2



So far, 25 year-old Ugandan Sharon O has proven to be the most popular amongst the public. And on entry into the house the beauty declared she ‘would not lose her dignity for money’ but is determined to get to the final.

Ugandan Beauty Sharon O has already proven popular with the public

There have already been plenty of conversations amongst the housemates with references to sex and scandal, and 26 year-old Kenyan television producer  Nic, surprised the contestants by confessing he had been in a foursome.

Week 1 has seen the first head of house elected, the first kiss and plenty of possible blooming romances.

Let the games begin…



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