Nominations can typically bring out the worst of most housemates, but now the contestants have merged together the inevitable task seems to have taken them over the edge.

Head of House Karen decided to do the unthinkable earlier this week by refusing to save herself from a possible eviction which would have involved her replacing a non – nominated housemate with herself. However,  the usually ruthless Nigerian surprisingly decided that this task would prove too difficult to comply with, as she felt nobody deserved to go and she didn’t have the power to condemn. Tactics or not this left her in hysterics and floods of tears, which indirectly seemed to set off the emotions of her fellow housemates. This weeks nominated contestants are Miss P, Alex, Weza, Sharon O and Karen. Im sure Karen isn’t going anywhere.

In other BB news it appears as if the housemates who have laid low in recent weeks, are suddenly beginning to make their presence felt as the finish line gets closer.

After a playful discussion with Millicent the other evening, 25 year-old Zambian beautician Kim randomly began flipping out about apparent ‘voices in the background’. She was ranting and raving – at nobody in particular, though Vina is a possible candidate – about contestants attempting to bring her down because of her whirlwind relationship with Lomwe. The following day Kim also had a confrontation with Zeus – whom she accused of calling her an illiterate. Her erratic behaviour has definitely put a dampner on things between her and Lomwe, as the Malawian DJ expressed to Miss P earlier this evening that she may not be mentally stable and is certainly not his girl.

Miss P has also had some time in the limelight. Her strange relationship with Alex, took a sour not when the two pretended to fight – for entertainment purposes – then began really fighting.

Confused? Me too. Who’s going this week?

Karen Nominated

Weza Nominated

Miss P faces eviction

Sharon Nominated

Alex Nominated



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