The initial welcomes were friendly

With the intensity of the bitching and sexual relations in the Big Brother house it seemed almost impossible that the show would get even more juicy – that was up until yesterday evening of course, when the producers pulled off an explosive event which resulted in the contestants of both houses finally merging together.

On Sunday night, Felicia became the latest contestant to be booted from the Big Brother Heads house and the Tails contestants sussed that something could be up when Biggie failed to call them into the diary room to begin nominations. Later that evening Big Brother called the heads contestants one by one into the diary room, and they were then led into the Tails house – to the shock and amusement of their fellow contestants.

Immediately everyone was trying to second guess each other. Sleeping arrangements were confusing as there are now so many different budding relationships, new allies were beginning to form as the countdown to the final draws close and inevitably and following the tense initial hugs and kisses the claws came out.

Weza exposed

Weza – who has been seriously bitching about her former friend Millicent to the tails girls – was finally exposed last night, and the girls left no stone unturned as they discussed how in love she is with herself, and how she claims the majority of the guys in the house fancy her.

Millicent was also told how the Angolan – who was previously nominated the sexiest housemate – had suggested she was a witch and was the fakest housemate with the biggest game plan.

Needless to say this gist didnt go down too well, and Weza looked pretty uncomfortable when she saw her housemates grouping together.

This could turn ugly. To be continued…..

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