Her a** may not be one of her 99 problems, as a homage to her husband Jay Z’s song she proudly wore on her skin-tight leotard, but Photoshop is definitely proving a major issue for Beyoncé.

Over the weekend the 33-year-old posted some images to her Tumblr while wearing a leotard printed with the words “99 problems but my a** ain’t one” and since then fans have been calling out on yet another Photoshop fail for the star.


According to Buzzfeed the image may have been altered by the use of an app to make the “Flawless” singer’s waistline slimmer as the evidence points out to telltale curves in the folds of the curtain she is posing in front of.

“The giveaway? The way that the curtains appear to bend inwards around her hips. These distortions are pretty commonplace when photo editing applications are used to alter the shape of someone’s body. The fact that these distortions occur around her waist suggest that it has been retouched,” writer Ellie Woodward proposes.

This of course is not the first time the singer has been called out by frustrated fans and media over altered images. In Spetember, following a set of images Beyoncé shared of her birthday celebrations, eagle-eyed observers were quick to point out that the stairs tilt up diagonally in the area between her thighs – perhaps in an attempt to change their shape.

The 33-year-old was also accused of a similar image altering for a photo of her playing golf in a bikini in April of this year.

From amused to unimpressed, see some of the Twitter reactions to Bey’s latest Photoshop fail:



What do you think? About time Bey hired an expert?

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