beyonce-haunted-smA weekend respite after Friday’s surprise of 7/11, Queen Bey has gone and done it again. Yesterday saw the singer upload her entire visual album to YouTube for the first time. And amongst the batch of 14 videos that launched on Beyoncé’s Vevo channel last night is the video for “Haunted” which we first heard when it debuted as the soundtrack to the new Fifty Shades of Grey trailer released earlier this month.

As opposed to the easy breezy fun that is the 7/11 video the 33-year-old debuted on Friday “Haunted” video is dark, disturbing in parts, and haunting as the title suggests, as the singer takes us on the grand tour of a haunted house of spooky goings on. The only thing not scary about the video has to be the lingerie-clad Bey.

Watch and tell us what you think.

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