Nigeria as a nation has so much to deal with to uplift us from the shackles that we are presently in. A beauty pageant is a competition that has traditionally focused on the physical beauty of its contestants, although there are other criteria used to judge during a beauty pageant. But why we have made beauty pageants so random is what I don’t understand. This has made the contest so pointless that we cannot even draw the line between a beauty pageant and prostitution.
Every year, organizers of beauty pageants gather thousands of girls together in camps across various states and make the girls contribute money for one girl who emerges the winner. These organizers in turn get money from sponsors and use that to enrich themselves. They have so limited the minds of these girls to think that beauty lies only on the outside and is solely based on your appearance. The society needs to protect girls from this mentality.
People wake up daily with ideas on how to crown a girl and because they have that idea, they start tagging different competitions. In Nigeria we have too many pageants take for example Miss Nigeria, Most beautiful girl in Nigeria, Miss Intercontinental, Miss Big Bold and Beautiful, Miss Aso rock, Miss Face of Unity, Most Beautiful girl centenary, African Heritage Beauty pageant, and even Miss Face of democracy. What is the need for all these? If people can put their minds to such use, why can’t they put their minds and efforts towards proffering solutions to the on-going crisis in the country?
I think we can put in those efforts in empowering youths through other means, grooming them to be better people. Money spent on beauty pageants can be more useful for other causes. Do not give the youths the idea that they can wake up the next morning and demand for a crown. Beauty pageants show how women are continually being objectified through the media. What is the moral behind these beauty pageants? In my own opinion, it is way too much, what is your opinion?

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