So you might’ve gathered that I’m not really talking about cake (although that would be nice to have and eat) – I’m talking about C.A.K.E Cosmetics, the latest make up brand designed specifically for women of colour. If you’re Indian, Caribbean and/or African then C.A.K.E is for you.
Let’s get to the name first which stands for ‘Cosmetic Artistry Keeping Effective’ a brand founded by Stevie Newman, a woman who’s been in the beauty industry from being a make-up artist to selling make up on the high street – so really who better to know what we ladies need and want than someone who lives and breathes beauty. C.A.K.E’s mission is simply; “… to be your go-to brand for all your basic make-up and help you achieve the look that you desire.  In hopes to be your new colour crush when it comes to your make-up.” And with prices starting from as little as £3 we’re sure they’ll be a hit.
I personally got to try out some of C.A.K.E’s fantastic products and have to say they really do promise what’s on the tin. I tried out Belgium Truffle Concealer which was a bit too dark for my skin tone but it worked perfectly as part of my contour routine – it’s a very light and airy product, perfect for avoiding the cakey feeling that happens sometimes on top of a layer of foundation and it blends perfectly with minimal effort.
The Toffee Apple Mineral Powder again was a bit too dark but used on top of the contour to highlight it a bit more worked wonders. I’m normally a bronzer girl to bring out my contour but I was surprised to find that this mineral powder worked pretty well in place of my bronzer – although admittedly I didn’t get the slight golden shimmer that accentuates your highlighting and contouring.

Now I have to say I’m not a blusher person and initially looking at Very Berry Mineral Blusher I thought ‘my God it’s too pink!’ but I was pleasantly surprised, yes I initially applied it to my cheeks a little gingerly blended a whole lot but the result was cute – my cheeks had that rosy look that suited my skin tone well, without it looking like I’d raided one of my white friend’s make up boxes – because well that wouldn’t have looked cute at all.



All in all I have to say C.A.K.E as a start-up is doing well and I think it has a lot more to offer – with more variety and of course more products C.A.K.E could soon be your only go to make up brand – but of course it’s all about baby steps. Check out the brand’s website to shop some of their make up and visit them on Instagram and Twitter.




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