She hates fat white Americans. She’s black and a pain in your ass. She hates having to explain herself. She loves getting naked oh and she also has a stance on religion…


The 23-year old outspoken rapper has stripped off her gear to grace the pages of famous men’s magazine; Playboy. She’s all booty, clad in a leopard print body suit and knee high red stripper heel boots – and that’s just the cover.

Playboy has described the shoot by veteran Austrian fashion photographer and director Ellen von Unwerth as a “nude pictorial” and a “frisky pictorial that’s sure to break the internet”, in reference to Kim Kardashian West’s nude photoshoot for Paper magazine’s winter issue last year.


The April music issue of Playboy, released March 20th, also features an interview written by Rob Tannenbaum, which we managed to get our hands on and wow is it interesting – Banks really doesn’t hold back, so check out some of it below.


On not liking the USA: “I hate everything about this country. Like, I hate fat white Americans. All the people who are crunched into the middle of America, the real fat and meat of America, are these racist conservative white people who live on their farms. Those little teenage girls who work at Kmart and have a racist grandma—that’s really America.”

On why people don’t like her Twitter rants: “It’s always about race. Lorde can run her mouth and talk sh*t about all these other bitches, but y’all aren’t saying she’s angry. If I have something to say, I get pushed into the corner..y’all mother**kers still owe me reparations! That’s why it’s still about race. Really, the generational effects of Jim Crow and poverty linger on. As long as I have my money, I’m getting the f**k out of here and I’m gonna leave y’all to your own devices.”


On being unapologetic: “Yeah, I am loud and boisterous. And I am black, and I am a pain in your ass. But I’m not really talking to you, and that’s what makes those people mad. You’re not invited to this conversation. This is not about you. When you rip a people from their land, from their customs, from their culture—there’s still a piece of me that knows I’m not supposed to be speaking English, I’m not supposed to be worshipping Jesus Christ. All this sh*t is unnatural to me. People will be like, ‘Oh, you’re ignorant because you don’t speak proper English.’ No. This is not mine. I don’t even want this sh*t, so I’m going to do whatever the f**k I want with this language. I’m going to call you a f*g or a cracker or a bitch.”

On not feeling the need to explain herself: “I get annoyed with the fact that I’m even asked to explain myself. Why do I have to explain this to y’all? My little white fans will be like, ‘Why do you want reparations for work you didn’t do?’ Well, you got handed down your grandfather’s estate and you got to keep your grandmother’s diamonds and pearls and sh*t. I get upset when people are like, ‘Why don’t you just make music?’ What would happen if I couldn’t sing? Then I’d just be another black bitch to y’all. It’s really f**king annoying. Black people need reparations for building this country, and we deserve way more f**king credit and respect.”

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On her childhood: “We had journals in second grade. I went to PS 166, on 88th Street and Columbus Avenue, and we had a teacher I could not stand. The black kids got in trouble all the time. We were loud or whatever, but whenever she told a white kid to quiet down and they did, she’d be like, whatever. But if she told a black kid to quiet down and one of them sucked their teeth, she’d put them in the corner. I wrote in the journal one day, ‘I cannot stand this white bitch teacher. F**k this white bitch.’ She found my journal and called my mother, who was embarrassed, because my mother used to say stuff like that—‘White people are of the devil. Stay away from them.’ That teacher was scared of me after that.”


Well she sure does know how to do uncensored. Want to find out more of what she has to say, the Playboy April Music Issue will be out this Friday, March 20th.

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