Azealia Banks is giving a frozen forecast in her latest music video for “Ice Princess.” While she’s known for stirring up some controversies in her recent tell-all Playboy interview and on Twitter, the rapper is showing just how strong she really is, as she takes on magical Medusa-like powers to defeat anything in her way.


Directed by We Were Monkeys, the video for the 23-year-old’s single from her debut albumBroke with Expensive Taste is heavily animated and stylized in a way that’s a mix of Game of ThronesFrozen, and Greek mythology. Surrounded by an army of CGI ice robot-ninja-warriors, Banks has the presence of a queen rather than a princess. With a giant frozen pedestal that makes the Iron Throne look like a measly chair, she commands attention both with her menacing (yet super-cool) snake headdress and impressive rhymes. It’s clear that Banks has proved her talent as a rapper—and now her ice princess persona is helping her to take down anyone who may try to cross her. She’s not here to play games.

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