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zainab adamu

Zainab Adamu aka Zayna Daze

Her gorgeous Afro and the pleasantly haunting echoes of her voice during performances is what makes Zainab aka Zayna Daze, 24, unforgettable.

The echoes and tranquillity in her voice drifts one’s imagination to a paradise with nothing but beauty and awe, a good aura which she always preserves each time she gets on stage or when a song of hers is played. “I used to write silly love songs as a child and sing along to the radio all around the house, pretending I was performing on Top of the Pops. As I grew older, it became a form of expression as I started taking piano lessons and learning how to produce music.” Zainab says.

Multiple Grammy award winner Alicia Keys gave the young Zainab the inspiration and gearing to become a poetic singer and songwriter,  “Her debut album ‘Songs in a minor’ turned me into a musician as I made a conscious effort to learn every single song.’

Born in Nigeria but raised in London, Zainab has just completed a degree in Digital Filmmaking, which also adds to her many creative ambitions as a poet, musician, and visual artist.

zainab adamu 2

“So far I’ve been fortunate to have performed to various audiences in London, I’ve won several poetry slams which gave me the confidence to develop my performance. Over the past years, I’ve released a project titled ‘Cloudy Daze’ in collaboration with my production partner, Cloudfistconceptz. The music made for ‘Cloudy Daze’ was inspired by our ability to fuse spoken word poetry and song. It’s a project we are both really proud of, as it has received so much unexpected support that we look forward to putting out more.”  The fusion of spoken word poetry and singing that Zainab expresses, has been made even more possible and a success with the aid of her musical accomplice, the Akai E2 headrush loop pedal which she is often performing with.

This adds an extra touch of magnificence and distinctness to her sound that makes it interesting to know what else she has planned for release in the near future. “I’m working on an E.P titled “Black Sugar”, it’s still in the production stages however I hope to release as soon as it is complete.’  These achievements and progression, all due to inspiration from Alicia Keys and massive support from her parents who bought her first guitar and keyboard. ‘They knew it was something that made me happy so they never stood in my way.”. Apart from singing, Zainab has also diverted into other creative mediums of filmmaking and photography.

Zainab  had this to part with as motivation for other creative minded individuals, “No matter how much or little creativity you think you have, there’s always a way to create your own opportunities, start executing your ideas and the rest will follow.”

You can find out more about Zainab at her blog here




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