Okunoren Twins (NG)

When two monks somberly walked down the runway in robes with pointed hoods, swaying incense burners side by side in synchronization to church chimes, I don’t think I was the only one who was pricked to say a prayer while eagerly waiting what would happen next. What happened next was controlled creativity from a variety of gentleman tailoring to vintage referencing to the core, it was West meets West; brogues, leather briefcases, brooches and vintage Aso-Oke in a blazer, trousers and ties. Representing heritage and luxury was evident in the twins’ class collection with masculine bead accessories, rich royal blues, stunning red and burnt orange raw silk kaftans, suits and shirts. The Okunoren Twins definitely made a statement at AMFW a memorable one at that.

Photo Credits: Reze Bonna Photography
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