Lanre Da Sliva definitely brought the ‘wow’ factor to her latest sping collection shown yesterday at the Arise Fashion Collective.












A few colleagues said:

“it was a play on the everyday working woman but with an edge”

“It was very commercial, but still had elements of Lanre in it”

                                    “Lanre definitely had something to prove!!! and she definitely proved it!”

I feel, it is exactly what we need from African fashion. She drew inspiration from the town of  Tuscany, in Italy. The 16th century Italian walls, the antique markets and the surrounding hills of Lucca all served as a backbrop for further inspiration.

The first few looks were heavily dealt with in terms of texture, in what looked like ‘Aso-oke’, cut up into little pieces and embroidered onto the dresses to give it that Couture feel. The Arms were also done in lace to add to that idea of construction couture gives.















The next few looks were really for the working women with beautiful silk pieces done over with lace. The silhouettes were very simple yet very elegant.



This is Definitely our Fab Favorite

The Finale Looks were lush luxurious pinks embroidered with delicate white flower(which look like lilies). Again in that couture manner and Couture shape.

The Finale Look

All in all, Lanre Da Silva showcased the best of African fashion. Buyers and retailers are sure to eat this up. I believe elegant and chic would be the right words used for this collection. Bravo!

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