Mother of jewels Lisa Folawiyo took us back to the 60s in Nigerian with her new spring collection.






The filas(Yoruba cap), the danshikis and the kembes. Lisa took us to a time in Lagos when quiet a few of us weren’t born. reinventing the trends of the 60s to make them appealing whilst stamping her embroidered jewel trademark on them.



We particularly love her take on french lace, elevating it from the normal Yoruba woman attire, and converting it into something very commercial.


We also cant get over those woven striped clutches the model were spotted with.


For the remaining looks, she moved to a more Effortless feel with expressive print patterns and her signature jeweled dresses.




Its hard for us to pick a specific look, we loved every single one of it. We honestly cant wait to see what she does new next.

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