Beyonce Thigh Gap

Where does the strive for perfection end? Models, celebrities and the media are constantly in our face about bodily perfections when there really is no such thing – and it is amazing that it is these women that young girls look up to that also feel a need to give an air of perfection.

My rant this morning is not just a rant – trust me, it has root.

Taking a look at some of the pictures that the Queen Bey posted on her Tumblr page it has become apparent that one of her bikini shots while enjoying her 33rd birthday on a yacht with family and friends was doctored.

beyonce-bikini-1 Capture Capture1

The picture shows Beyoncé stepping down on a staircase and at first glance it just seems like she has space between her legs because of the mathematical calculations of putting two legs in different places (or something like that I guess), but on closer inspection it is obvious that Beyoncé has actually created the gap in between her things – thereby falling victim, again, to one of the oldest debates in the book when it comes to photoshop – creating a thigh gap.

Sure we all love a good thigh gap and if we could have it we would make the sun stream between our legs in a sensual and yet flattering way, as Beyoncé intended. Alas, for most women who are curvy, bodacious and bootylicious, a thigh gap is something that will never happen. Why must you force it with photoshop?

It is disappointing to see that Beyonce feels a need to create a thigh gap on an Instagram post (aren’t all the filters enough for beauty already) again. If you recall, Beyoncé was called out by fans earlier in the year when she posted a picture on Instagram that also appeared to be doctored. She shared a string of shots looking trim and toned as she took to a golf course for her very own Single Ladies tournament in red and white stripy shorts and a pink bikini top. But seconds after the mum-of-one posted the pictures online, she was flooded with comments from fans criticising her for photoshopping one of the shots to make her thighs appear slimmer.

Another photoshop mishap

Another photoshop mishap

Beyoncé is not the only one who has tried to deceive young girls on Instagram as even the curvy and proud Kim Kardashian-West has been knocked for using a slimming app on her Instagram pictures. So again I ask, is there no end to this photoshop madness?

Kim-Kardashian Kim-Kardashian-Instagram

If people like Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian, who the media has always loved their curves, feel a personal need to photoshop their bodies to be thinner then where do we stand with teaching young girls about self-appreciation and body love?

Beyonce and Kim Kardashian are not the only ones we are calling out. Late last year model Miranda Kerr was forced to say sorry after sharing a Photoshoppped picture making her waist look thinner – a year after she posted the original.

Spot the difference?

Spot the difference?

Seeing this picture from Beyoncé is quite disappointing and only reminds me of a sentence I heard the other day – “Don’t try to look like the girl in the magazine. Even the girl the in magazine does not look like the girl in the magazine”.

17-year-old singer, Lorde once called out a photoshopped picture of her face and added to her Twitter followers, “…remember flaws are ok”.


Beyonce, we love you as you are. There is no need to photoshop your thick thighs. What do you think? Did Beyonce digitally alter the picture?

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