Gorgeous French model Anais Mali stars as an Amazon in a cover story for the Fall/Winter 2014/2015 issue of French Revue de Modes magazine, photographed by Urivaldo Lopes and styled by Jonathan Mahaut .

In looks that were channeling her inner warrior, Anais Mali leaves little or nothing to the imagination as she poses with spears, shields and more Amazonian props. The fierce fashion editorial features furs, feathers and even armor.

Anais looks incredibly glamorous as she goes hunting in designs from the likes of Louis Vuitton, Valentino, Fendi Emilio Pucci and Saint Laurent in the dynamic images. With a horse by her side, the French model looks ready to take on almost anything. With sword and shield in tow Anais Mali embodies the Amazon theme making for a very memorable editorial.

Check out more shots from the editorial below:

anais-mali-french-revue-de-modes-1 anais-mali-french-revue-de-modes-2 anais-mali-french-revue-de-modes-3 anais-mali-french-revue-de-modes-4 anais-mali-french-revue-de-modes-5 anais-mali-french-revue-de-modes-6 anais-mali-french-revue-de-modes-7 anais-mali-french-revue-de-modes-8 anais-mali-french-revue-de-modes-9 anais-mali-french-revue-de-modes-10 anais-mali-french-revue-de-modes-11 anais-mali-french-revue-de-modes-12 anais-mali-french-revue-de-modes-13 anais-mali-french-revue-de-modes-14 anais-mali-french-revue-de-modes-15 anais-mali-french-revue-de-modes-16 anais-mali-french-revue-de-modes-17 anais-mali-french-revue-de-modes-18

Model: Anais Mali
Photographer: Urivaldo Lopes
Stylist: Jonathan Mahaut
Hair And Make-Up: Laure Dansou

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