One of the world’s most prestigious phone company customizer of prestigious and fashionable mobile handsets, Amosu Couture, continue to strive to please their customers by offering luxurious mobile phones with a personal touch. They have done it again this time by being the first to bring us the world’s first 24 Carat Gold BlackBerry 9900 before it is seen on the market.

A touch of gold has been added to the touch screen Blackberry 9900 phone to give it a distinct and stand-out look. The phone ticks both the style and substance boxes and is also available in options like white, yellow/platinum gold or encrusted in Swarovski or diamonds. It can also be customized with owner’s name engraved on the back. Requests can also be made for handmade leather, python or crocodile case to match phone.




It is now available to pre-order  HERE and is retailing at £999.

Get your hands on one now!

For more information on  Amosu Couture, visit their WEBSITE

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