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Album Review: “Art Of Me” By Duncan Daniels


Artist: Duncan Daniels
Album: Art of Me
Release Date: 08/16/2014
Genre(s): Alt. Pop. Rock
Location: New York, NY USA

“Art Of Me” by Duncan Daniels is set to be released on the 16th of August, 2014 but we managed to get our hands on a copy and eagerly listened to the whole album and now we are hooked on it. The “Art of Me” album has been on replay all day at the office.

“Art of Me” takes you on a musical journey through the creative mind of a versatile artiste, here the canvas has no limitation to self-expression and music is not bound by genre, age, race or orientation. “Art of Me” is the third solo album by Duncan Daniels. The album is simply about self-expression, music without borders or boundaries and not subject to genre specification. Duncan Daniels’ “Art of Me” was produced, written and arranged by Duncan himself and with all the versatility this album portrays, it is hard not to recognize the amazing gift Duncan Daniels possesses as an artist, songwriter and music producer.

This Album gives you an insight into Duncan’s personality, the raw passion he has for his craft and his ability to show his skill as an all-round musician. The most beautiful thing about “Art of Me”, is that any listener could have a personal favorite track unique to another’s and that is rare in today’s music world.

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Check out our song-by-song review of the album below:

Track List
1. Superstars Feat. Mackgee
2. Way To Your Heart Feat. Demi Grace
3. Blindly In Love
4. Beautiful
5. In Spite Of These
6. Forever
7. Love Song
8. End Signs
9. Shine Feat. Tia Yasmine
10. Wine Am Low Feat. Sukiyaki
11. Temperature Rising
12. Celebration
13: Choices 1234729_10152183300066854_6459039616221309973_n

01 Superstars – The album starts off with a fast-paced song which sets your expectation for the whole album – that it is going to be an up-tempo album. The chorus of Superstars had me hooked to be honest, but the rap verses were also a revelation as it was a blend of the sound of Tinie Tempah, Tinchy Stryder and Chipmunk. I’ve always had a thing for British rap so this song definitely appealed to me.

02 Way To Your Heart – Even though the first track off the album is a fast paced song, Duncan Daniels slows things down with “Way To Your Heart” and this is perhaps the song that truly wins our hearts. This song shows off the amazing voice of Duncan Daniels and gives us something to look forward to as the album continues, and that thing is the fact that the album has true content. It isn’t just another regular album thrown out by an artist.

03 Blindly In Love – The beat used for “Blindly In Love” has a country undertone which I surprisingly loved. The beat was a perfect blend of country and soft rock –combined with the vocals of Duncan Daniels, I had to listen to this song twice before moving on to the next song. “Blindly In Love” easily became one of my favorite songs off the album.

04 Beautiful – “Beautiful” is another song off this album that shows the versatility of Duncan Daniels as an artiste. This song downplays the beat and truly showcases his voice and I loved that about the song. It is not every day that you see an artiste who can truly truly sing and give his voice the attention it needs instead of showcasing the beat of the song alone.

05 In Spite Of These – The fifth song on Duncan’s “Art Of Me” and the surprises keep coming in. The harmony on this song is amazing. It is a song that reaches into your soul and pulls at your heart strings (really!). It sounds a bit gospel, but it is a sweet melodious love song.

06 Forever – The love songs just keep coming and coming. “Forever” is another love song but it is a bit faster than the last two tracks so you are just about ready for the change in tempo when it comes.

07 Love Song – Track 7 is aptly called “Love Song” because that is exactly what it is. Duncan Daniels is giving us a whole album dedicated to different types of love – unrequited love, unconditional love, weary love and more. This song is more in the line of unconditional love and the sincerity of the words, reflected in Duncan’s voice, is the most appealing thing about this song.

08 End Signs – Yet another love song that forges a real connection with the listener because it is something that we have all experienced before, that moment when a love is about to end but you are not sure if you are really ready to let it do. To be honest that is the common factor with all the songs on this album, the fact that they are experiences that we have all had at one point or the other.

09 Shine, Featuring Yasmine – “Shine” is another much needed up-tempo song that comes up on the album just as you need a change from the slow love songs. The arrangement of the songs on the album is quite commendable. “Shine” shows us Duncan Daniels, the singer, and it is another side of the artiste that we are pleased to discover.

10 Wine Am Low, Featuring Sukiyaki – It’s nice to find a party song on this album. This song completes the album and makes it such that you can find a variety of genres on the album. 30 seconds into “Wine Am Low” and I could not control the movement of my head.

11 Temperature Rising – Seeing the title of this song was a flashback to Sean Paul’s “Temperature Rising” and this song matched that by giving us a classic club/dance song. This song is ideal for those late night drives, house parties or even just a club/lounge atmosphere. I also like the fact that he finally spoke a Nigerian language (Yoruba) on this track.

12 Celebration – With the title of this track you already have an idea of what it is about. With a catchy chorus and content rich verse, Duncan Daniels gave reasons why one should be celebrating. This song is a lovely tune and a good reminder to count your blessings.

13 Checkmate – This song was the last song on the album and while I would have preferred a slower song to bring the album to an end Duncan Daniels gave us a techno-type beat song. When this song finished I was still expecting more. The song was purely a play on Duncan’s ability as a producer so it was only the beat we had to bob our heads to but it was a fantastic beat.

The album gets a 4/5 from me. I loved the blend of beat and Duncan’s vocals and I also loved the easy fusion with which one song flowed into another. Make sure to cop your copy of “Art Of Me” which will be released on iTunes on the 16th of August 2014.

About Duncan Daniels Duncan-Daniels-3a
Duncan Daniels is a singer, Music Producer and Songwriter, born in Boston, Massachusetts, raised in England and Nigeria. Over the years Duncan Daniels has perfected the art of bringing to life a diverse mix of Pop, Rock, and R&B. His music combines the right ingredients of beats, vocals, lyrics and rhythm that can only be unique to his name and his brand, DunkishRock. Duncan’s musical talents became evident at a young age, and those around him quickly took notice when he started writing music and playing the piano at the age of 11. He accredits his passion for music to growing up listening to artists such as U2, Bon Jovi, boyz II men, and of course the late great Michael Jackson.

In 2006 Duncan released his debut album I Don Taya, compiled of 12 tracks that holds classic tunes such as Will Tomorrow Ever Come, Take me Home, to name a few. On February 14th 2010 Duncan dropped his sophomore album titled Sho Stoppah, which includes hits like the song Like This in which he teams up with MTV Africa’s 2009 award winning rapper, M.I. The video for “Like This” won a place on FUSE TV on Demand and also got on The MTV BASE music video charts, getting massive spins all over Africa and parts of Europe. His album Sho Stoppah includes artists such as Mode 9, M.I, Naira, Feline and many more.

Duncan Daniels presently Lives in New York, His new music video for “Blindly in Love” the lead single on his third album scheduled to be released on August 16th 2014, won a placement on FuseTV’s on demand station and is currently accessible on demand in 5 million homes.

Album Credits:
All Tracks were written and produced by Duncan Daniels Onyemuwa for Dunkishrock Productions.Co-writers and producers include: Gerard “Mack Gee” Mmereole/Co-Writer “Superstars”, Gideon “Geedon” Aworekun /Co-Writer “Temperature Rising”,  Tia Yasmine/Co-Writer “Shine”, Olasunkanmi “Sukiyaki” Kehinde/Co-Writer “Wine am Low”, Enrico Tiberi/Co-Producer “In Spite of These”, Angelica “Angel Boy” Rodriguez/Co-Producer “In spite of These”

Website Link: http://www.mtv.com/artists/duncan-daniels/
EPK Link: http://www.soicbids.com/dunkishrock
Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/DunkishrockMusic
Bandcamp Link: http://duncandaniels.bandcamp.com/
Reverbnation Link: http://www.reverbnation.com/dunkishrock
Twitter Link: https://twitter.com/Dunkishrock
Youtube Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kS_EG7q_U6A


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