AinaMore-2Fast rising rapper, Aina More is set to release her first music single “Ja Burata” February 8 on iTunes for a fee.

The rap queen in the making has been carving a niche for herself since debuting  a 9-track EP in 2011.

In 2012 she temporarily relocated to Nigeria from the United Kingdom where she was born and raised, to successfully release a 10-track mixtape “It’s a W.R.A.P” (Words, Rhymes and Poetry)’ which she uses to reflect on her experiences in her paternal country & MORE.

Listen to both mixtapes on her official website

With brilliant wordplay and amazing ability to rock the mic she’s someone to watch out for.

Ja’Burata , is the Yoruba expression for health, wealth & abundance and unlike ever done before, the 20 year old female rapper from London, has infused the indigenous sounds of Fuji with New Age Dance sounds and delivered an undoubtable HIT for 2013!


The Audio can be streamed  here

Also, check out the hilarious Youtube Audio/Video for the song at:

To get to know more about this rapper and diva in the making, read opinions on her personality and work(s) by 2 industry insiders:

“Aina More also known as Aina Morenikè is the young emerging Nigerian Lyricist, born and bred in London. Outspoken, raw, unapologetic, Aina More throws her rhymes and lyrics in your face and dares you to ignore her.” – M.I. Abaga, musician and producer (

“Thought provoking, jaw dropping, unpredictable, WILD stuff. I’m in love her flow, the mixture of her nigerian dialect, fused with her english accent, combined with london slangs make very nice listening.Her confidence is very obvious and very sexy! She is setting her own standard and her own pace! 

I’m predicting a very bright future for Aina More, her voice is needed. Sky is her only limit, which is why my seat belt is strapped on tight! Looking forward to a crazy, interesting, fast ride!” - Funmi Ogunja- Fashion,Style and Music Enthusiast (

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