Came across this brand on my London Fashion Week adventures in February this year and i’m currently finding this collection Very DOPE, Very FRESH and VERY RETRO!! Taking inspiration from the cult classic Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, the masterminds behind this collection Agape Mdmulla and Sam Cotton have definitely tried to bring it back!! Another FAB hit as they successfully incorporate tie dyes, Will Smith print t-shirts, clashing prints and old-skool props to give it that reminicsient vibe!!!
This British brand will be for the Males who are not afraid to be daring and different, and who enjoy incorporating that fun element into their outfits.
They believe that, ” ….Fashion should never be taken too seriously…” – I totally agree




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One Response

  1. Sinem

    Oh yay, Larrryy!

    Good stuff, Mercedes.

    Also I have to agree with them really, fashion indeed shouldn’t be taken seriously! 🙂


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