At Brooklyn’s recently held Afropunk Festival there was an array of looks as different people interpreted ‘punk’ in their own way and artist Awol Erizku captured the most striking curls, twists, locs, and braids with his camera for states, Punk is dead? The rebellious concert-goers spotted at Brooklyn’s tenth annual Afropunk Festival this past Sunday would beg to differ.”

We are captivated by the 28 looks Ethiopian born artist, Awol Erizku has captured, and we bet you will be too.The 26-year-old Awol Erizku really knows his stuff.

Take a look at the different hair portraits below:

B.B B.Hawk Cheikh Edfu Fanta Fatima Gabriella Gitoo Imaan Iyana Jahnkoy Maria Jamilla Jean Juliana Ka Rain Kheperkamheru Lee Mariah Lizzy Monica Paola Phoenix Reign Saaed Sienna Suprian Tomik www.vogue.com2

Photos: Awol Erizku
Sittings Editor: Alex Harrington
Makeup: Stephanie Clouden

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