As a result of repeated requests, London-based Nigerian fashion label Nkwo has revived a few of their best selling designs from previous collections and launched the Revival Collection – a capsule collection of African-inspired bohemian pieces from little vest to jumpsuits. The entire collection is available for sale on ASOS Marketplace. 

Afromania by Nkwo, a high street label from award winning designer Nkwo Onwuka, is all about reinvention and the ingenious combination of the past and present, creating pieces that make the transition from tradition to modernity, that create novelty and change and give new life to African fabrics by transforming their traditional uses.

The brand draws influences from traveling to new places, learning new cultures and having new experiences. The label has that New African Vibe together with a wide global appeal and is fast developing a cult following among the urbane and the fashion, film and music industries.

Their mantra: Love, Laugh, Celebrate life!


photography – Anele Onwuka
stylist – Mercedes Benson
hair/make up – Marcus/Freckles Ogbu
models – Freckles Ogbu
Esther Burgess (all in a day’s work experience!!!)

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