say no to xenophobia

Different African celebrities have spoken up as true Ambassadors for the continent against the Xenophobia -centered violence in South Africa.

The bloodshed being carried out by a local group of South Africans on immigrants from Somali, Malawi, Nigeria,  Zimbabwe and Ethiopia. Attacks which have left thousands of foreigners displaced and many seriously injured.

Popular Nigerian actor and T.V. host, Joseph Benjamin condemned the rampant violence and posted on his Instagram page, highlighting that Africans are better united in peace than turning against one another.


“#SayNoToXenophobia  Hello Fam, I hope y’all are good. It is quite sad, what I see happening in South Africa. It is disheartening to say the least. Please I implore all Africans all over the world to raise their voices and unite against this evil. It can only destroy us as a people, if these South Africans do not know the ripple effect their actions might have to their brothers and sisters spread across the globe. I hear this was all incited by one man, apparently the Zulu King Incited the violence in Durban. I do not know what would have spurred up such hate, we need to stand up against this. We as Africans are unique and though diverse in culture and traditions we are one formidable force. United we conquer and stand, divided we fall and destroy legacies built over time which has made us the pride of the globe. My name is Joseph Benjamin, I am a Nigerian by birth and Nationality. I am a true African and I say No to Xenophobia. If you support this movement. Like and repost this until it goes viral. Let us preserve our posterity353 likes13 comments



Award winning South African music group, Mafikizolo came out to voice their . The ‘Khona’ singers, , took to their Instagram account  to plead for unity in the country while condemning the murders. Their words were in bold letters, a caption to a photo with inscription; “Everyone Is A Foreigner somewhere”


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South African hip pop sensation, Cassper Nyovest  pledged to donate proceedings of his show in Zimbabwe to the xenophobia victims and survivors lying in hospitals in South Africa. Despite caution from his family and friends to cancel the gig.  The ‘Doc Shebeleza’ crooner confirmed via his Twitter account that his show is still on for Saturday, April 25, 2015, and that he will donate all proceedings to the victims of the attacks.

He wrote: ” I do not support xenophobia, therefore my show in Zimbabwe is still on for the 25th of April. My Zimbabwean fans are gonna come to my show. — Cassper Nyovest (@CassperNyovest) April 15, 2015   Actually I want to donate all my proceedings for my show in Zimbabwe next week to Xenophobia Survivors. I will come perform for free. — Cassper Nyovest (@CassperNyovest) April 16, 2015…”


Ace South African rapper, AKA registered his displeasure over the violence against foreigners in his home country on Twitter with various tweets:

akA 2 aka0-400x117

And the cry remains the same, Say no to Xenophobia! Hatred of Africans by other Africans  is nonetheless a hatred directed to the unity of a beautiful continent.

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