Coming from their rave review at the 2012 spring  New York Fashion Week, The design duo Malcolm and Chirstiaan for Kulk CCGT decided to showcase another amazing spring collection at home in Joburg.





Opening the show with a white ball gown that floated down the runway, the designer decided to take a softer approach for their first spring collection, with panel of sheer, floral applique, chiffon, silk and lace, all in a nude colour tones, but with an edge breaking the nude palette with hints of purple, black and blue.






























































































































The pieces catered  to a wide range of clients, from tunic tops to cocktail dress, drop-waist skirts to short shorts and not forgetting an embroidered Bubu, it seemed like the designers were trying different aspect to delve into but still not move far way from the original idea.

Photography by SDR Photos

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