Lady Gaga Collaborates with Photographers Inez and Vinoodh in new Video for her single “You and I.






The video also features her new alter ego  “Nymph”, a total difference from her original  persona.  Nymph has no make up ,a head of hair and is clearly not ashamed of being naked (as her other Alter egos)




This look is  so refreshing for Gaga , it gives her a more calm and approachable aura.  Plus, the whole monster thing is getting a bit old.

The fashion Film is the first in 5 videos which she made for the single  “You and I”

FAB online would keep you updated as soon as the other videos are released

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  1. Nogo

    Looks like she did ballet at some point in her life? Or she’s just pretty graceful. Glad she switched her style up.


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