So I’m back again with more selfish news about – yes, you guessed it – a very recent but very FABulous purchase. One I’m so proud of I felt to post (and boast) about.
Saying that though, there’s something a little shameful about this particular steal, but I’ll admit, it’s my first ever offence. And no, before you go there, I did not pinch anything! Yesterday, FAB ones, I bought my very first fake.
But admire it, I can’t help but do, because with the trickle of guilt and aghast at myself, a lickle smile doth spread at this brilliant find – a navy, boxy ‘Christian Dior’ bag.

…And where else did I find this piece of vintage fakery, but a charity shop – one of my favourite places to rummage.

Stolen for a mere exchange of £4.50, you have to admit, it was worth it – even if it does mock the real design it was inspired by. Besides, that 4squid fifty I spent went towards a good cause (one other than the ‘Grow My Bag Collection’ which I founded several years ago and can’t help be involved with. LOL).

Most people would be ashamed to venture into an Oxfam with good fashion on their bodies and in their minds, embarrassed to be seen entering such a musty environment. But hey, if my lucking out with this bag does something other than complete my outfit, let it give you the cahoonies to stroll on into your nearest Age Concern, unconcerned with ‘street-cred’ and what the onlookers/boyf might think.
Brownie points for ‘self-less’ shopping aside, and back on the subject of my fashion fraudulence, I’m thinking I could mix and muddle the faux bag with some genuine goods, such as my gorgeous Jimmys (a 21st birthday present I’ll never forget, but has only seen the light of day once), my Tiffany’s drop pendant and solid gold and sapphire bangle…

Their gold and silver-coloured details perfectly combine with that of the ‘Dior’ imposter, as does the jewel tones of the sapphire in the bangle and the navy bag, with the purple on the Choos. Taking it way too far and into over-thought territory, I’ll note the interlocking hopes of the pendant match those of the letters punched into the bag above the clasp…

My ‘Keeping it (almost) Real’ ensemble. (An outft I‘ll probably not wear on my next visit to Oxfam if I’m only to buy one thing…)
I’ll leave you now to join the stampede down to your local charity shop, to part with pennies in exchange for some seriously sweet and cheap swag, showing you’re both fashion and good-cause-conscious. Who said one can’t be both fashionable and charitable, simply by shopping?

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  1. Yuutsu Clown

    I am sooo jealous..I want one too for 4squid 50. Your secret is safe with us 🙂


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