Popular Nigeria musician, D’banj has since March 2011 been trailed with the rumors of being a member of the secret cult group, the Illuminati who are believed to be responsible for ‘creating’ a new system of operations they would introduce to the world as a ‘new world order’ which will promote only members and affiliated personnel, organizations and groups from various fields of life to gain world recognition. The Illuminati is also believed to sponsor and support Gay initiatives and activities the world over but most especially in the United States. These rumors kicked off when Kanye West (CEO, G.O.O.D Music) tweeted the artist and his then manager, Don Jazzy about finalizing plans on a project.

D’banj, on October 5, 2012 in an interview on the ‘Morning Show’ at BEAT 99.9 FM was unexpectedly asked the question, ‘Are you a member of the Illuminati?’ He quietly and calmly refuted the claim. Many Nigerians refuse to believe the account, vehemently insisting that the artist is a member. His intentions of taking African music to a new level and to the world isn’t met with favorable responses from critics and even a larger percentage of his fans. They believe active members of the cult group like JayZ, Kanye West, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Akon and other unnamed persons have managed to convince him to be one of them. They also reason that since D’banj plans to get African music out there which is in sync with the Illuminati motive of bringing about a ‘new world order’ coincidentally at the time D’banj and Kanye started making professional plans together, then he had to be a member of the group.


Dbanj and Kanye West at the Paris Fashion Week, March 2012. Can D’banj be that harmful?


D’banj and DOn Jazzy being signed unto Kanye‘s record label. Watch the video

Does this spell doom for D’banj and are his fans going to be drastically reduced? Or is this yet another strategy to get increased media attention? Fans have questions and D’banj  has answered. Let’s hope the former are satisfied with his reply.

See one of the artist’s video, Fall in Love


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