The ‘old’ Nadia

Would it surprise you to know that Ghanaian actress, Nadia Buari has lost some weight – and a considerably bountiful amount at that? A ‘whooping’ 10KG! And in 6 months! The actress is so elated in her new body and is really ‘proud of myself’. Nadia who says she’s a real food lover confessed that shedding all that weight was as easy as much as it was hard. ‘Hard’ because of her big love for food and ‘easy’ because according to her, she was never really fat; only ‘chubby’, which made it a lot unproblematic since there wasn’t too much weight to be lost.

Nadia in the now. Doesn’t she look amazing?


Fans are a little worried about her weight loss. Many prefer the ‘chubby’ Nadia but the celeb isn’t as disturbed. Even though she sincerely identifies with their standpoint , she insists that this is what she wants. Guess her supporters have to give her a chance to proof she’s right.

FYI fans, she’s in Los Angeles in the US, on vacation with her brother, celebrating her new body. Wish her well.

Nadia has starred in The King is Mine with fellow Ghanaian actress, Jackie Appiah and a couple of Nollywood movies like Beyonce: The President’s Daughter, In the Eyes of My Husband, Tomorrow must wait. Truly, there’s no limits to what this actress is set to achieve. Happy weight-losing, Nadia!


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