The ‘R nB’ singer, Chris Brown, who nearly lost his career, following intense controversies trailing him when he assaulted his former love and fellow musician, Rihanna– when America was at crossroads on whether or not to forgive him owing to the almost unforgivable act he committed – has not only managed to get his nation to forgive him, but he has also been able to slowly and steadily stand on his feet again.

Who would have thought? Rihanna, in 2008 released the song, Take a Bow (supposedly directed at Chris), after the atrocity. That song is a far cry from recent happenings between them. It tells about the move from a regretful relationship to a healthy single state. Today, Chris and Rihanna seem to be back together – only they might not be willing to let anyone in on their private lives just yet. These facts are not hard to believe as Chris allegedly just broke up with his girlfriend, Karrueche Tran on the grounds that he needed to concentrate on his career. However, Chris and Rihanna have been spotted hanging out twice in three days in New York. The two were seen hugging and kissing at Griffin Nightclub and later retired to the back of the club. It was later reported that Rihanna had arrived the club five minutes later than Chris and sat two tables away from him and upon spotting her, Christ walked over to her table, took off his shirt, stood on the table and danced for her.  It was said that both of them danced together for a while before leaving for the bathroom afterwards.


Chris brown and Karrueche Tran


You should see Take a Bow again!

Rihanna, confessed in a recent interview on Oprah that she still loved Chris. Well, lucky for her but we hope ex-girlfriend Karrueche is not so heart-broken. ‘Bye Baby’, she tweeted a few days ago to Chris. Rihanna tweeted back! It read: ‘Ain’t nobody bidness… But mine and my baby!’ Wow, something! Let’s hope it all goes down well with the trio. Do we say ‘happy reunion, Chris and Rihanna?’ Maybe just not yet.


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